4 Jul 2017

Favourite activities

Hi there,
before introducing children's favourite activities, let me say to you that this school year I taught English from 2nd to 6th grade and the foreign language participated in different classroom projects. Moreover, English was the language to develop more activities, so in June, I worked with the classes asking them which skills, games, songs, chants, readings and role-plays (among others) they liked most.

I list them in this post so that you, as a reader or teacher, consider that they can be useful for your future lessons. Here you have them:
- 2nd grade_ chants and froggy the frog story
- 3rd grade_ the animal alphabet and Please Mr. Crocodile game
- 4th grade_  the Shirt of a happy man Story and the activities we developed after going to the theatre and the hot potato game (look at the end of this post*)
- 5th grade_ The research about sharks and songs, specially You've got a friend in me. Students were so enthusiastic that they wanted to illustrate the song as an activity inside an English space
- 6th grade_ to write different stories coordinated  with another school using Story Jumper

* How to play Hot potato.
You need a ball or a soft toy for this activity. The class forms a circle and you give out a ball, which they pass from one person to the next. After a few seconds you shout "Hot potato" and the class start to count down from ten to one. The person who has the ball (potato) when you reach number one has to go down on one knee and say a word related with the topic you decide. If this person is caught out again, then he/she goes down on two kees.

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