11 Jul 2017

Some thoughts about dubbing films

Hi there,
as a teacher of English I recommended to my students to listen to English music and to watch original films in Summertime. However, an essential element that acts against the whole educational system is the systematic practice of dubbing into Catalan and Spanish languages of ​​almost all audiovisual material, mainly cinema and television. As there are no movies or programs in original subtitled language for them, children do not have to make any effort to read in their own language and it is said that, because of this, children do not learn easily foreign languages. 
Although economic and social needs have communicated that it is necessary for the population to master languages ​​especially English, the authorities have collected the glove and the educational policy is to define the school as the responsible of this issue. I mean, the school will have the obligation to teach a second or third language, but the socio-cultural context will act against this obligation, because the student will not be immersed in that new language in a continuous way throughout the day, just only the English hours at school. Then, how can the school deal with this situation? Personally I speak English 100% at school and out of it if I have kids around me (p.e.Colonies period) because as always we say, we have to teach by example. How can I say to a kid that English is a communicative language if I don't use it to talk with the school community? In fact, I pretend that, whenever students see me, they use the foreign language to talk with their English teacher. I have to say that it is easier with the big ones because they have more structures in mind to use but you will be impressed listening to the youngest students asking to me different questions or just saying hello or good morning. But not only students practise English but also families and colleagues try to use it.
I have to say thank you to those mates and families who have encouraged themselves to use English with me and with kids because we can lead by example and feel that English is around us! Well done! It is a good way to go. A big hooray for all of YOU and ME! 

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