29 Dec 2013

A puppie for Christmas

This is a lovely story for Christmas time.
Click on the pic and enjoy it!

27 Dec 2013

Christmas activities

Stop here!
You can practice some activities related to Christmas. 
Click on Christmas decorations and you will find lots of activities to do, read and play!


23 Dec 2013

Warm wishes

Merry Christmas everyone! 
Click on Tintin's card and open the envelope...

22 Dec 2013

20 Dec 2013

Refresh your Christmas poem!

Christmas is  time to enjoy with family and friends. 
We get together and listen to great Christmas music, sing carols and learn Christmas poems. Those poems have been part of Christmas celebration for years together.
Students from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade have studied one.
If you want to read them, click on the different levels.

1st grade
2nd grade
3rd grade
4th grade

Here you have 4th graders saying their poem

19 Dec 2013

Peppa Pig is here!

Pay attention to this episode about Peppa Pig at Christmas time. You will like it!

18 Dec 2013

Christmas Carols everywhere

Padlet is a tool which works like an online sheet of paper where people can put any content (e.g. images, videos, documents, text) anywhere on the page, together with anyone, from any device.

17 Dec 2013

Christmas vocabulary

Here you have this activity to check the Christmas vocabulary.
Important: listen to carefully and click on the pic you have closest to the one you have already heard.

3rd graders' turn

Hi 3rd graders!
Here you have your Christmas song and your Christmas poem for this School year.

16 Dec 2013

Christmas time is here!

Hi! How are you all? Excited? I know why! 
This is the last school week of the first term and we are preparing our Christmas Carols for all grades. Next Friday we will celebrate our special Christmas Concert!
Today is CS's turn
Here you have "Stand by me" for year 6 in a Christmas version.
Thanks to Alba, our music teacher!

Silent night for 5th graders

Now, it's 5th graders' turn. They are learning by heart 
Silent night. Here you have the carol with lyrics so you may sing along with your family and friends.

14 Dec 2013

Spot the difference Christmas

Click on the pic below and play to find differences

Where is Santa?

Hi you all!
It's 2nd graders' turn. Here you have their Christmas Carol and also

and here you have the Nursery Rhyme they are going to learn

13 Dec 2013

Little snowflake for 1st graders

Hi you all! 
Young learners are very enthusiastic with this lovely Christmas song. 
Besides singing, they are practicing this Christmas poem for Christmas Day.

12 Dec 2013

Christmas Carol for year 4

Hi you all! Christmas is coming and we have to prepare lots of activities for the end of the term. I mean poems and Christmas Carols for the Christmas concert.
After introducing ordinal numbers, we will learn this song with 4th graders.

and here you have their Christmas poem! Amazing, isn't it?

11 Dec 2013


Hi you all!
After introducing activities and actions, 3rd graders have been working on the difference between can/can't.
We have seen different examples and we said some of them in the first person of singular.
After that, they watched this video and they loved it! 
Thanks to ELF learning. They create fun songs for children.
They are perfect for classroom and home use

10 Dec 2013

Ordinal numbers

Hi you all! 
CM students are studying ordinal numbers. 
The best way to understand those numbers is paying attention to this video. It's clear and it's going to help you to remember how they work.

6 Dec 2013

Bye Madiba!

Nelson Mandela died yesterday night. 
The whole world is very sad because he was one of the most powerful and inspirational leaders in the world. He was the first black president of South Africa after being 27 years in prison because he fighted against bad government and racial prejudice.
He wanted a better future for everybody in his country.
From this blog we sadly say, bye bye Madiba!

4 Dec 2013

Check numbers!

Here you have an amazing pirate game to check numbers from 1 to 100. 
Click on the pic below and enjoy the trip by the sea!

3 Dec 2013

1st graders

The adventures of HOCUS and LOTUS is a set of lovely stories for teaching English language to young learners. 
Two fantastic prehistoric animals, the Dinocrocs, half dinosaur and half crocodile live fantastic adventures in a parc.
This is the first chapter of a set of short stories.
1st graders love them!

2 Dec 2013

The robot song

2ndA class is the Robots' group!
This song is specially for You all!

1 Dec 2013

World AIDS Day

AIDS is a very serious disease that is caused by a tiny germ called a VIRUS . When you are healthy, your body can fight off diseases, like Superman fighting the bad guys. Even if you do get sick, your body can fight the germs and make you well again. But when you have AIDS, your body cannot protect you. That’s why people with AIDS get very sick.
The United Nations' World AIDS Day is held on December 1 each year to honor AIDS victims. So, if you see this lace today, you'll know why people wear it.
Have a nice Sunday you all!