Rubrics appeal to teachers and students. 
They are powerful tools for both teaching and assessment. They improve student performance by making teachers' expectations clear and by showing students how to meet these expectations:
As a consequence, they provide an accurate feedback.
Here you have a generator of rubrics.
If you are interested in reading more about rubrics, check out this useful explanation

By the way,here you have my particular symbaloo

and...here's a BIG stopwatch to show on a screen

Math Dictionary for Kids is an excellent helper for kids all over the world.
this interactive dictionary allows users to search for terms, mark favorites for studying further, take notes on definitions and see related terms. It includes illustrated, concise explanations of the most common terms used in general math classes, categorized by alphabetical scroll list. 
The maths charts include definitions and examples covering Numbers, Operations on Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Percent and Percentages, Ratios and Rates, Beginning Algebra, Data and Statistics, Probability, Geometry, Measurement, Time and Money.
I highly recommend it!
Have you fallen into the trap of saying “No talking!” or “I need quiet!” all day long? It’s exhausting to keep repeating your requests for silence, isn't it?
Angela Watson, through the cornerstone, encourages us to use different ways to keep our children attention in a respectful way. Click on this pic:

  A fantastic reading project is available at We Give Books. The site offers over 150 picture books that are available to read free online. The books are appropriate for children up to the age of ten and there is a mix of fiction and nonfiction. Registration is required to read some of the books, but this is FREE.
We Give Books
The project also works with a number of charities to donate free books to children around the world. The more books that children read online, the more books are donated to children in need.
“The biggest impact you’ll have as a teacher is the relationship you establish with your student.” There's no one correct way for teaching, but understanding what students expect from teachers may help you connect with our students. Here are 30 (+1) tips for us! Click on the picture below and you'll find them.
As having taught English as a non-native English speaker myself, I have been on the search for an answer to this question: "Are Native English Speakers Really Better Teachers?" Click on the word cloud and have a look on the reading. I liked it!

I found these tips helpful and mindful. They are clear, based on common sense and good practice. A great resource! 

  Next link offers an important musical resource because you can use music to teach content across the curriculum to students of all ages. The web has thousands of children's songs, lyrics, sound clips and teaching suggestions.

Use this Earth Day activity booklet to help your children celebrate it!
 Thank you Jill and Cathy from The Curriculum Corner
I’ve been enjoying the activities that I’ve downloaded from that web site.
 This one (earth day) looks great!

Grammar is difficult for children and sometimes boring! This is a fun way to practice present simple as well as learning the structure of interrogative sentences and their short answers.
Click on the picture below and you will find the PDF version for printing
Do you need to encourage pupils to sit nicely when on the carpet? This poster by TES with visual prompts may help.  

Using just a 'Guess Who' board, you can create a fun and engaging game which could be used for any area of maths.
Played in the same way as Guess Who, the pairs of children take it in turns to ask maths related questions, in order to narrow down the winning answer.


Have you heard about the storyboard as a resource?
You just have to choose a scene, a few characters and write a text.
Try it! It's fun!
Storyboard Creator

Create your own story and share with the world. 


This one made me laugh! I have too many days like this!

Saint George is the patron saint of England and Catalonia, and Saint George's Day is England's and Catalonia’s National Day. Saint George is also the Patron Saint of Georgia, Moscow, Malta, Aragon, Cappodocia and Genoa.
Here you have a web offering information on all English St. George's traditions and also I have prepared an exercise about St. George's vocabulary.

Every day, people around the world are becoming more and more conscious of the urgent need to reduce pollution and save the environment. There is a clear evidence that most of our actions are damaging the air we breathe and the land we live on.

We will celebrate the Earth day next April 22nd, and I want to share with you not only the lesson plan for the previous week but also some categories for the school and some for the classroom to think about.

This movie summarizes the application of an English project about group-dynamic games in a primary School. We have worked with mixed groups (8-9 years old) and we followed four steps: Introduction of a personal object, listen to "Whatever" by Oasis, "My favourites" and identify places and personal objects in the school.
These activities develop not only group cohesiveness but also empathy and respect towards the others.

The Poetry Idea Engine from Scholastic is a great starting point if you’re stuck for something to write a poem about! 

PicLits is a fantastic tool for creative writing. After choosing an image from the selection on the site, you simply choose some of the wonderful words available to capture the story, meaning and essence of the image. It’s really easy to use and is great for expanding children’s vocabulary too. 

Do you want to know the 12 most popular Education Articles in 2011?


Have you ever written a letter to yourself in the future? The website futureme.org makes it easy to send yourself an email that will be delivered on a future date. 
I tried it out, and it actually worked as promised. 
One day I received a strange email addressed, "Dear Future Ines," and it was like being pulled into a time warp! Okay, that might be over-dramatizing things, but it was still pretty amazing to get an email from my past self. Sort of boggles the mind!


Pay attention to the different points of view. In our classrooms we've got multiple intelligences.

Behaviour resources

I like it!

Present and Future

Halloween resources
Idioms and expressions
Nursery Rhymes 
Clil Resources

Resources in general
Resources to improve your english