26 Feb 2015

A volunteer to help you to study!

Hi 3rd graders!
You have to study the first part of the opposites poem for next Monday. So, if someone has forgotten it in the classroom, here you have it. 
When you study, you will practise opposites and you will reinforce spelling.
Click on play and you will listen to it. 
Have a wonderful weekend!

25 Feb 2015

La Maquineta's Competition

Hi you all!
Here you have some pics from the last English shows: 
"Jack and the magic beans" and "Dracula".
As you know, the company organizes a competition and we will participate with our art and style. Here you have some of your drawings. 
Congratulations. They are awesome!

23 Feb 2015

Arts&Crafts lessons

Hi you all! 
Arts and crafts are amazing, aren't they? 
When children explore art ideas, they are testing possibilities and working through challenges, much like a scientist who experiments and finds solutions. 
3rd graders designed a new look for Carnival time in art lessons. 
Here you have their production .

Bembo's Zoo

Bembo's Zoo is an animal alphabet site with illustrations created from the letters in each animal's name. The Bembo's Zoo website was created by the graphic designer Roberto de Vicq de Cumptic who is a true "abecedarian" ;D
Click on it and let your imagination be free.

22 Feb 2015

The human skeleton

Hi you all!
Here you have a clear ppt presentation. We will use it to expand our knowledge in the next science lesson next week.

21 Feb 2015

European Project

Hi you all!
After finishing our Identity through names' project,
We have just run another Identity Project with Czech Republic. 
4th graders will know more information not only from their mates but also from children in different countries in Europe. So, they will learn ho to respect and admire different cultures. They will find out that differences are here to enrich our lives, to be appreciated and not to divide us.
All of our publications around the new European Project will be uploaded to a new blog. 
Here you have:

20 Feb 2015


1st graders have worked very hard in the English lessons along the week. They learnt the difference between big-small, short-tall, happy-sad and good-bad through this poem.  I thought of teaching it to children because it fosters respect and appreciation for others. Here you have it:

19 Feb 2015

18 Feb 2015

Words that describe me

Hi you all!
4th graders were working on adjectives. We searched the meaning of some qualities
using the question "What does.....mean?" and everyone chose the ones that described themselves.   

As we wanted to show them in our Parents' Day and we wanted to talk about them, we decided to make framers writing down our qualities on them.
Here you have the pics we took:

After that we could practise the next structures: 

  • I am....(the child who spoke was the one in the framer) 
  • You are... (the child who spoke was in front of the one who was in the framer) 
  • He/she is... (if we talked about a 3rd person)

15 Feb 2015

Fonix 2015

Fonix is an English Competition for Schools and it is designed to promote the use of English among school students through a fun and educational competition in an informal educational setting. Its objective is to select a finalist from each of the first two stages: local, territorial and the winners at the final stage.
The exercises that students will do next February 28th, will consist of writing tasks, each based on different skills, reading and writing mainly. There will also be an oral section in the final stage of the competition.

Joanot Alisanda School participates every year designating one student from 5th grade and another one from 6th grade. So, the English Department at our School has selected Oriol Garcia from 5thB group and Max Porcar from 6thA group. Congratulations for them! 
If you want to find out more information about that competition, click on the pic above or below.


Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was a famous artist. He used images of fruits and vegetables to create art. In the pic below you have an example of his art.
Along last week, 4th graders created artwork based on Arcimboldo's example.

Look at this presentation:

 Now, you're the artist!
Can you design another person with different fruit and vegetables?

14 Feb 2015

Valentine's story for Today

I love the simplicity of this picture,  just a bird with a rose petal.
Click on it and you will find a lovely St. Valentine's story!

13 Feb 2015

How to grow a mandala

4th grade children are designing some mandalas. 
Here you have an example about how to create them. 
This simple and easy method of mandala drawing is also a powerful form of meditation, relaxation and creative expression.
Give it a try!It only takes some minutes to learn!

12 Feb 2015


Hi you all!
I'm very excited because I've decided to participate in a competition about blogs in education.
If you click on the pic below you will find out some information about it. 

Espiral Edublogs gives an important value to this special tool, our web.
That competition rewards the best ones.  
So, let's participate in the competition and wish we could win a spinning top!

11 Feb 2015

Love your Library!

Hi you all!
February is Love your Library Month!
Children all over the world will be participating in fun activities. Why not celebrate too by doing something special at Joanot Alisanda School.
In few days, you will know what we are planning. 
Meanwhile, here you have 10 very unusual libraries. 
Would you like to have some of them in our town?

10 Feb 2015

Activities out of school

Dear families, primary children will go to Casal Pere IV on February 18th
Children from 1st to 3rd grade will see:
In this popular story children will check some basic vocabulary as colours, animals in a farm and some values.

From 4th to 6th grade will participate in Dracula's story

We will learn new and terrifying vocabulary:
creepy, scary, mysterious, gloomy, frightening, inhospitable, dark, obscure
Meanwhile you can listen to some of these new words in this Sesame Street chapter.

9 Feb 2015

Birds everywhere

Hi you all!
2nd graders are working on birds.
They learnt some vocabulary around this topic and they discovered some words as beak, feather, wings, talon, nest, egg, bird and chick.
Here you have an wonderful video by The Cornell lab of Ornithology
Although it's a little bit difficult to understand for very young children, it's worthy to watch it. Enjoy the images and the pics. Below the video, you will find more explanations about this amazing project!

The Birds-of-Paradise Project reveals the  beauty of 39 of the most exquisitely specialized animals on earth. After 8 years and 18 expeditions to New Guinea, Australia, and nearby islands, Cornell Lab scientist Ed Scholes and National Geographic photojournalist Tim Laman succeeded in capturing images of all 39 species in the bird-of-paradise family for the first time ever. 

6 Feb 2015

Fruit and vegetables

Students from 4th grade are working on Archimboldo's paintings. 
So, we have decided to check basic vocabulary in English.

5 Feb 2015

Painting with lego

Nice attention to detail in this new stop-motion short by Jon Rolph
Brilliant and very creative.
Absolutely outstanding!
The movie shows you how a person tries to reproduce Piet Mondrian's eventually style. But let me say that Mondrian was a Dutch painter who was born in 1872. At one time, Mondrian painted realistic landscapes, but as he painted more and more, his style began to change.  Eventually, Mondrian's style consisted of geometric shapes and primary colors. After all, every shape can be created from the basic geometric shapes and every color can be created from the primaries - red, yellow and blue.

4 Feb 2015

World Cancer Day

The world Cancer Day is marked on February 4th to raise awareness of cancer. Somehow, this illness is around us and it's important to encourage its prevention.
Cancer happens when cells that are not normal, grow and spread very fast.
Kids with cancer may have to stay home — not because their cancer can spread to other people (it can't), but because it can be dangerous if other people's germs spread to them.
To protect themselves, kids with cancer often have to stay home until their immune system gets strong again.
By the way, if you've ever wondered how your immune system works,
 this movie is for you!

It's snowing!

Hi everybody! Frozen snow is falling in our city today and weather forecast says that it's going to be really cold.Today it is just too good to see all of us staring at the sky! 
Here you have two pictures from our playground! I wish it could be whiter than in the photos!
By the way, here you have an easy and appropriate poem for today!

Snow is falling
Short flowers disappear
Snow is falling
The cold is here

Snow is falling
It's time to play
Snow is falling
Let's make snowmen today :)

3 Feb 2015

Creative School Project

What does Creativity mean to us?
This was an important question for children and teachers from the very beginnin of this school year.
As you know, we worked on it very hard.
Here you have what we think Creativity is for us.
NOTE: If you roll your mouse on the guitar you will see the words in a different colour so that you can read them better.

It's freezing cold

 Is it going to snow? 
Click on the picture below. Then choose a temperature and click on it to see what happens ;D