27 Sep 2013

Thanks to all of You!

Hi you all! 
The European language celebration was a fantastic day! 
 THANKS for your collaboration.
Children and also teachers wore a t-shirt with a European language on it! 
Here you have the movie we have made with some of the pics. 
It has been impossible to show you all of them. 
We have chosen the most meaningful and funny ones. 
Enjoy it!  

After watching the video, think about it and choose
three different t-shirts: 
the one you like most,
the one you think it has a good message,
the one you find it is funny.

26 Sep 2013

Happy European Day of languages!

We celebrate the European Day of Languages Today!
We can send some cards to our friends wishing a good celebration learning languages!
 If you click on the pic you will find funny ones to send or to collect them. 
They are cute and lovely!

25 Sep 2013

European pairs

Learn about countries and nationalities.
Click on the picture below and then on "start"
Have fun!

24 Sep 2013

Languages are everywhere!

Let's make children be aware of languages are everywhere. 
They are at school but also in the city and why not on clothes...so, remember your t-shirt with a European language for next Thursday!

Here you have a movie from 2012 showing  some t-shirts and the primary students who participated in the celebration.


23 Sep 2013

Learning languages is useful!

Some children learn more than one language from birth or from a very young age. In fact, we learn three languages at school. This is very important for us because we can communicate with different people. If you remember, we have received different students from Europe in our school: Zekiye from Turkey, Steven from Ireland, Shana from Finland, Krista from Poland, Celia from England and also Martha from America. We could speak with them because we used a common language, English.
Besides that, you can learn more cultures through languages!
Let's watch  this short movie. 
You will understand what I mean.


Let me remember one more time your homework for Thursday: wear a t-shirt with a text on it. It doesn't matter the language!

22 Sep 2013

Welcome Autumn!

Autumn is here.
Fall is such a wonderful time of year, isn't it? 
Although we can still enjoy a summer weather, some leaves are turning into warm colours. The weather is getting cooler, but it is still fun to play outdoors. 
Today I want to share "Autumn leaves" by Eric Clapton with all of you. 
This is one of my favourite songs. I'm sure your parents, teachers and everybody who loves jazz, will like it.

21 Sep 2013

European Day of languages

Hi you all! Next Thursday will be September 26th, the European Day of Languages. We are preparing some activities for that important day. 
Meanwhile, let me show you a brief cartoon to promote foreign languages.
I have always been impressed by people that are able to become fluent in another language!

Homework for Thursday: wear a t-shirt with a text on it. 
It doesn't matter the language!

20 Sep 2013

Have a nice weekend!

Classic, fun and easy to follow
Have fun singing all together now , a Beatles classic song!

19 Sep 2013

Classroom corner

Hi students!
Click on the picture and you will find different activities. 
Choose the listening ones and
match the sound to the correct picture
Now, match the same words and you will find 
the correct picture.

18 Sep 2013

Good night James!

Hi 3rd graders!
James is a boy who goes to sleep but he has lots of friends to wish them a good night!
Pay attention and enjoy the story

17 Sep 2013

Bugs for CI

Hi 1st and 2nd graders!
We have just introduced bugs in our English lessons, but how many names do you remember?
We will check them tomorrow!

15 Sep 2013

Visual cards for CM and CS

How to learn verbs in English? 
There's a website you must visit and learn them visually. 
Click the picture below and slide the mouse on the pic. Amazing and fantastic!

Time for English!

Hi 1st graders!
We have just started a new school year and we have lots of fun activities to do. So let's face them.
Pay attention and repeat the actions.
Click on the picture below and enjoy with English!

12 Sep 2013

Via Catalana

Hi you all! 
Did you participate yesterday in the Catalan way?
This is the best way to understand it.
Clicks are doing the same, so let's share with the world!
If you want to know more about The Catalan Way click on the picture below

9 Sep 2013

Count down!

Hi you all!
Summer is finishing and we have to say hello to another school year.
Are you ready?
 It's time to keep in touch with English!
Click on the picture below, go to number 2 and refresh your vocabulary!