28 Jul 2015

Summer holidays

Smile, relax, forbid, do sport, go running, go on excursions,  try to say what you feel, go for a walk, draw and paint, smile at your parents, read a book, sing in the shower, keep your good memories, take some photos, listen to your friends, show your happiness, write your feelings, listen to the nature and respect the environment, help people, do what you have promised, let someone help you, look at flowers, help to your friends, turn the TV off and chat with your relatives, listen to your favourite music, learn something you have always wanted to do, phone your friends, close your eyes and imagine the waves on the sea, make someone feel important, make a list of things you are good at, go to the library and listen to the silence, say to your friends you love them, look at the stars, think about what you have, breathe, finish projects, don't worry if you have some mistakes, make friends, grow and be responsible and enjoy your summer.

Let me say thank you for your continued support one more time. 
I hope you have a very happy and relaxing summer break. 

25 Jul 2015

Lyrics training

Hi there!
Try to fill in the gaps in this song.
Click on the pic and select the beginner level. 
If you think that this is so easy for you, try a harder level.
Remember: you can repeat the missing word by clicking on the back button. If you don't understand the word, just jump the word with the tab button and the web page will write the missing word for you.

24 Jul 2015

Review quiz for children

Although this quiz is for children, adults may take it also. 
It deals with a lot of things. 
Please click on the pic and have fun. 
Good luck to you all ;D

21 Jul 2015

Spelling is fun!

Hello there!
Click on the pic and click the letters in the correct order!

20 Jul 2015

Emotions in a movie!

Hello there everyone!
Have you ever thought of looking inside your mind? 
Here you have a movie I recommend to all of you. Riley is an eleven-year-old girl who lives with 5 emotions inside her: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust. 
My favourite one is Sadness, why? 
You will have to go to the cinema and discover the reason. 
It's easy, you will see. 
One of the important things I can say is that Sadness is vital to our well-being.

17 Jul 2015

Summer activities

Dear all!
I hope you are having a great summer!
Here you have some activities to help you with English.
But remember...it's always up to you!
By clicking on the links below you can download and print some activities to practice a bit of English.

15 Jul 2015

An illusion toy!

Hi you all!
Here you have a toy you can make it with your parents' help.
Try it! 
It will be an amazing rolling toy made at home! 

Hang Mouse

Ei YOU...Are you bored?
Click on the pic and play a word memory game.
Listen to the words and try to find their couple.

13 Jul 2015

Audio Word Match Activity

Hi you all!
How are your holidays going?
Mine are really good. I now have two gorgeous nieces and they make me feel funny all the time. They are good so far!
By the way, here you have an activity you will like it.
Click on the pic and play a word memory game.
Listen to the words and try to find their couple.

10 Jul 2015

Just for sharing :))

I think we all need to raise our spirits these days - this will do the trick!

9 Jul 2015

Become a photographer!

Hi everyone!
Let's practise phonics.
 Move the camera and find the correct picture with the sounds you will listen to.
Click on the image below and become an amazing photographer

5 Jul 2015

Another European Project is over!

Dear all,
from years ago, Joanot Alisanda School participates in the Voices of European TeacherS. That network was founded with support from European Comission and works on Diversity, Identity, Citizenship, professionalism and plurilingualism. 
Joanot Alisanda worked on Identity: last year we made a project working identity through names and this school year was about drawing an identity profile. So, I am very proud Today of saying that this project is over and it will be shared with different European Countries next September in Olomouc (Czech Republic). If you want to have a look, click on the pic below.

3 Jul 2015

Thinking of going to London?

Hi everyone! 
Is your family thinking of going to London? 
Here you have a real English video where you can visit the most famous places in the Capital of England.