11 Jul 2019

Avatars everywhere

Hi there, I am doing a research about on line resources for next school year. I try to look for those apps and tools that maybe will make the English lessons time to have fun and to learn at the same time. Also, you know that I have just finished my request for the eTwinning Quality labels and, because of that, I am diving into those resources that can help us in a European project. So, today I will pay attention to presentation tools. Here you have the easiest and coolest links:
Funko offers to you a way to design a peculiar avatar. It can be fun for your English lessons because after creating the avatars, children can describe them and practice writing skills.
Pixton is a cartoon tool that allows to create awesome comics and also you can design your avatar.
Avatar maker is another free tool where you are able to create an avatar.

Face.co similar to the previous one, what do you think?

and there are many more that maybe you already know: 
Face your manga is a social application which allows to create a Japanese style avatar. Judge for yourself
or voki where students can choose a different avatar. Also they can customize what they say.
So, we have many free resources that can make our lessons awesome and unforgetable. I encourage you to use them when you want to introduce writing skills. They are going to engage kids in a flash!

10 Jul 2019

16 years today

I do not why but our brain usually goes back in the past of our lifes. The one today is a memory to one of my bravest situations I have ever lived. Nowadays I can say that all is alright but it was difficult to recover myself. When you lose someone important to you, it can take time to adjust and learn to live your life. There is no right way or wrong way to grieve and it can take time. Difficult situations require it. No matter what the problem is, there will always be an opportunity here for you to either make a connection with someone, to discover something new, to explore a new path, or it might provide you with the opportunity to make a decision that could one day turn into an unexpected fact.
Personally, my family and friends were crucial and they helped me a lot. After that, I was a new person. Nowadays I am able to understand people who lose a child because I have been through that experience and you feel guilty. This is a normal part of losses. However, talking and sharing your feelings encourage you moving through your future life and, at the end, you are the one who decide to follow up because, in fact, you have a wonderful life. 

5 Jul 2019

Homage to illustrators

Why this post? As many of you know, I am a children books' lover. At the very beginning I did not know why a book liked to me, but a long the years I have been aware that not only the story was important, but also illustrations were crucial for choosing a book. I follow many illustrators and I thought about writing this post due to Guillermo Mordillo's death, a famous one. When I listened to that sad new I reminded of all of those artists who had stolen my heart:
To start with and as a homage, Mr. Mordillo who was famous for his trademark noses.

Alicia Borges: she is an illustrator and a designer.

She has a fantastic blog where you are able to follow her productions. Also you can contact with her. Once, I did it to congratulate her for her productions and blog. Also I said to her that when she would decide to use her pencils around Alice in Wonderland, I would be very happy ;D

Anna Llenas. It's sure you have seen her most famous drawings around "The colourful monster"
Roser Capdevila. Famous because she is The Triplets' stories author.
Núria Aparicio. She has "La Pendeja" as a nickname
Charles Santore. You can read this "50 years of art and storytelling"and you will see his special way of understanding art and illustrations.

The Italian Flavia Sorrentino. Click on the picture below and you will find a lovely surprise.

Mary Blair. She was born in the early nineties and she started to work for Disney. Later, she met her husband and they worked together.

Rébecca Dautremer. She illustrated Alice in Wonderland giving a personal point of view that I share. She says that she rather prefer drawing than speaking. 

2 Jul 2019

Asking for a quality label

"Teach me yours" has been another eTwinning project where different European Countries have shared their own language at a basic level, bearing in mind multilingualism. Through the eTwinning net, we organized and planned a task per month and our students collected, learnt and recognized the most important words  around different topics: Greetings, Months, Days, seasons, weather, colours, jobs and food as the most important. After that, they compared the languages and they were able to realize that many languages have a lot in common and some of them are absolutely different. They made a difference between Roman and Germanic languages. 
Now, it's time to ask for a quality label. I wish my school could have its first one!

1 Jul 2019

Another eTwinning project is finished!

"Once upon a time, the game" was an opportunity for children to discover the games in the past through a family research where parents and grandparents were able to remind their childhood moments. Some of those games perhaps are going to be forgotten today, but it was also a moment to get to know cultures from different countries through the games.

By enhancing some traditional gaming experiences, which recall memory to experiences that have marked the childhood of parents and grandparents,  children were offered the opportunity to learn, to experience and to reflect on recreational moments of the past that can still be re-proposed for their rich formative function.

The games of the past, in fact, stimulate communication and socialization, imagination and sense of adventure, creative ability through the use of different and maybe primary materials.

The main objectives of the Project were these ones:
  • to encourage integration through games, offering valuable opportunities to respect the rules in each game, 
  • to develop collaboration, 
  • to stimulate the capacity of creativity by creating materials for our partners.

Here you have a link where you will find all the information related to this eTwinning project.
For ending, just to say that we have enjoyed doing this project. We played a lot and we were able to learn and to fix vocabulary by preparing materials for our partners as well as improving language and pronunciation when we prepared our videos.

29 Jun 2019

Quality labels

Hi everyone!
As most of you know, the eTwinning network is the biggest educational community of teachers and students in Europe. There, you can design and share projects with other countries and you are able to have an administrator or a teacher role. It is supposed that if you have worked rigurosely along the school year, you will want to have your task recognize and this is the reason of this post.
The period for asking an eTwinning quality label is opened till July 7th. The quality label indicates that the project has reached a certain national and European standard. 
For knowing if you are ready to ask for a label, ask to yourself these questions:
1) Does your project shared a plan?
2) Has it finished?
3) Have your students and you contributed to all the activities?
4) Have you and your partners organised collaborative activities?
5) Are your project results visible?

If the answers are affirmative, then I recommend to you to ask for a label. Do not hesitate and do it now! The last advice I would say to those who wanted to ask for it, is to write the description of the project in a document. Once you have collected all the information, then you will be ready to fill in the form in the eTwinning net. I will do it, for sure. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!

21 Jun 2019

End of the School Year!

Another school year has arrived at the end. That means that we have to say goodbye to the big ones with happiness and wishing them the best. Good luck!!!

14 Jun 2019

Ending the school year

Hi there,
we are really close to finish this school year and we are in a hurry finishing projects. Just right now, I have thought of sharing with all of you an idea that can be amazing in your dossiers. This is the WordCloud to summarize some topics you worked in this third term or along the school year. This is an example:

Another idea is to use mind maps, like the ones below:

These two resources have been very helpful for me. I hope you find them useful.

12 Jun 2019

Who is she?

Who is she is a tabletop game about courageous women who changed the world.
I thought of having it for using it in my English lessons. My very first idea is to work each woman. First, individually. Then in pairs and finally in groups of four. In this way, each group will know information about four women. After that, I will give a number to each group and I will make new ones stablishing a person from each group. At the end, everybody will be familiar with some of these important women. 

24 May 2019

A new poem for children

Hi there, after working adverts with year 4 students, I decided to write a poem to make them aware of our learnings. The strategies that designers use in the adverts are going to be easier to remember  when students learn it by heart. What do you think?

20 May 2019

Charles Santore

Hi there,
it has been a pleasure to find this video about Charles Santore, a renowned children's book illustrator. He talks about his "future" project. Now, I can say that I have this book in my hands. Worthy to watch it. 

18 May 2019


Hi there,
Girona fills the city with plants and beautiful displays for a few days every year in May. The visitors as me can find spectacular patios and places where colourful flowers are spread. Here you have a sample of a space related to Alice in Wonderland.

This last one is not from Girona. I took it in the Saxion University in Deventer, in the Netherlands last March ;D

14 May 2019

Creative writing

Hi there,
after practicing structures and connectors in the English lessons, I gave an interesting homework to my students. They had to choose three important personal objects and they had to introduce them in a writing activity. 
I had the opportunity to listen to a group of 26 students this morning and the experience has been very cool. All the students have been engaged by homework and they said that they enjoyed doing it. Amazing, fantastic and wonderful. ;D

I think that my students produce and interpret their mates' compostitions in a properly way. The production of a text requires the application of higher order skills (HOTS), following Bloom's taxonomy and that is what we promote in our lessons through topics that engage and motivate them. That's the way that it works.
A long the school year, and always giving some language support, they have written about:
  1. Personal descriptions.
  2. Their best friend.
  3. Their school.
  4. Daily routines.
  5. Important women in their lifes.
  6. Mobile phones and teenagers.
  7. BioPoem
  8. Three personal important objects.
For tips on encouraging children in creative writing, take a look at creative writing page. Worthy to visit it!

5 May 2019

Recommended Cafe in Barcelona

There is a Pudding coffee in Pau Claris Street in Barcelona. It is a place where you will feel like Alice in Wonderland, thanks to its decoration, with giant mushrooms and colored slates. This place goes beyond a traditional café, because you live an experience in which you feel like a child. You can play board games, you can read a book or you can work with your laptop as well.
However, I went this morning with my family and we did not do anything of the activities I mentioned before. Not at all. We decided to enjoy delicious homemade cakes. Personally, I asked a hot chocolate with a homemade carrot cake.

2 May 2019

An important Fair in our City

The 8th edition of "Som Clicks" is dedicated to the wonderful world of CIRCUS. If you decide to visit the Fair this next weekend, you will visit more than 15 large dioramas related to characters in the Circus, pirates, the west and many more surprises creating beliavable worlds in a small scale.
It will be a paradise for everybody because this small toy is one of those toys for which no time passes. By the way, did you know that male dolls are named clicks and female are name clacks?

1 May 2019

A good movie

Hi there,
I want to share with you a short movie that works friendship, joy, loneliness and solidarity among others. Nice to share it in our lessons. The storyline is so creative and the animation itself is so smooth.

30 Apr 2019

Basic Competences exams

Hi there, the basic competence exams will be on May the 7th, 8th and 9th.
Here you have some examples. 
They can be useful mainly for practising listenings with our students.

English exam 2017. Listenings
English exam 2018. Listenings

27 Apr 2019

My eTwinning tools

Hi there, european projects need interactive digital tools.
Here you have the ones I use.

23 Apr 2019

Ready for St. George Day

Hi there, St. George Day is a very important tradition for catalan people. You can find books and roses everywhere. But do you know why Catalonia celebrates this important day every year? It comes from a legend, which says that, once upon a time, there was a dragon who scared people who lived in the same town. People decided to choose a person among them to stop the dragon fearsome force and hungry. The chosen person was a princess. But then, a knight appeared. He was Saint George. He killed the dragon with his sword. The legend says that from the dragon's red blood it grew a red rose. 
So, from this legend you can understand the the tradition at Catalonia nowadays. 
Furthermore, books are important, too. But this tradition comes from Cervantes' day of death.
Related to books and as every year I will tell a story to my students. This school year will be the one you will listen to it in the link below.

After listening to the story, can you tell me the missing words?

and what about the rhyme words?
Finally, can you find the differences between the pictures?

22 Apr 2019

Do it now!

Hi there,
We celebrate the Earth Day today.
It means that people around the world are becoming more conscious of the urgent need to reduce pollution and save our green and blue planet.
So, Earth Day is not just a celebration, it is a call for action!
I worked it in my English lessons at the end of the last term and students and I concluded that 3 R's are very important in our lifes: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Some students gave some ideas to us about reusing:
1. Reuse clothes from family and friends,
2. Reuse mobile phones from family, so that you can play with them.
3. Reuse plastic bags in order to reduce pollution but if you remember, use fabric bags
4. Reuse papers at school. 
5. Reuse pencils from one term to another.

After that, we enjoyed singing an amazing song about the 3 R's. Here you have it!

21 Apr 2019

Easter Monday!

Hi there,
It is Easter Monday Today and that means that tomorrow will be the first day of the third Term! We will meet another time our friends and teachers and we will share our holidays experiences. Anyway, this is my speciall Mona for my godchildren.

16 Apr 2019

Happy Easter to everyone!

Hi you all,
this post is specially if you are a young learner. 
Tap on the picture below and listen to the vocabulary. 
After that, practice it playing some Easter games.


14 Apr 2019

What does plogging mean?

The practice of plogging encourages people to pick up litter while out running. So, it is not just good for your health, it is also good for the environment.

What I have just found out is the reason of the name. First, the practice comes from Sweeden and it is called "plogging" because is a mix between a Swedish word plocka upp that it means 'pick up' and jogging. 
The fact is that PLOGGING combines going for a run with intermittent stops to collect the rubbish. 
By the way, you can look at a group of runners (some friends and I -I am the one wearing a blue t-shirt) practising plogging in Torrent de Colobrers (photo above).

12 Apr 2019

A new project is being carried on...

Hi there,
after coming back from the Netherlands where I met teachers from six different  european countries, it was time to begin our task in our schools. 
Actually, I am involved in a new project with Portugal, Italy and the Netherlands. We are four teachers of English, teaching in year 2 and year 3. We decided to share something interesting from the places where we live and here we are!
We have just designed the cover for our story where we will have two main characters who will visit our cities and will learn from our cultural heritage. Here you have a summary:

10 Apr 2019

Learning past singing

Hi everyone! 
I always try to make my lessons funny and I think that
the videos below are worthy and useful for working on past simple and 
having fun at the same time.
Watch them and tell me what is your opinion.

7 Apr 2019

An excellent reading

This book is an excellent reading to inspire not only girls but also mothers, grandmothers and teachers. We can read it to schoolchildren. Illustrated by sixty female artists, the book introduces us to one hundred remarkable women and their extraordinary lives. Empowering, moving and inspirational, they are real lives for heroines who definitely want to be themselves!

1 Apr 2019

Fools Day

 April 1st, the day most commonly called "April Fool's Day" is celebrated in many countries by people in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Russia, Australia, South Africa, The Netherlands and other countries around the world. 
 It's a day
to practice jokesget creative and play fun pranks on people around you. 
Nobody is exactly sure where the tradition started but nowadays it's an excuse to play silly jokes on friends, as the example below at my kitchen.

Many newspaper, radio personalities, television shows, and internet web sites participate in the celebration.
Here you have a home made video where you can learn easy eater pranks ;D

30 Mar 2019

Diving into emotions&language learning

Hi there, another training course is over. This has been about emotions in the language acquisition process. The course made me to reinforce in the idea of PBL methodology because it promotes students' interest and engagement. I can say that emotions play a vital role in the learning process. Because of that, playing can be an excellent resource in our lessons. Here you have the new badge.


21 Mar 2019

Celebrating spring time with Thinglink

Hi there, spring is here and we can describe it with an easy tool: thinglink. Try it! An easy way to summary lessons."

20 Mar 2019

A new badge achieved!

Hi there, the post today is related to a NOOC INTEF badge that I achieved. It's related to the net and how we can teach children about security in it.