30 Jan 2019

Peace Day

Hi there, 
on January 30th we celebrate PEACE DAY.
One of the reasons for this celebration is because Mahatma Gandhi died on the 30th of January. He was an Indian political and spiritual leader who was known for his non-violent form of protesting. Also, one of his famous thoughts was "It's possible to live in Peace". We have been talking in the classroom about his thoughts and after having a brainstorm, here you have the most important ideas children said for living in Peace:
*Do not disturb others
* Be tolerant
* Be peaceful
*Accept diversity
* Do not revenge
*Live in joy

there are some songs I could remember to celebrate this important day, but I want to suggest you “Heal the World”. 
It's a song from Michael Jackson's hit album, Dangerous.
We should make our world better just remember we are the ones who are living in it! 
So think about it that way and thumbs up the song!
Just in case you work this song in the classroom, 

25 Jan 2019

Europe, make a move

Many of you know that Catalonia is living difficult moments. Because of this, the Catalan Association of Civil Rights (relatives and friends of political prisoners) has had a new initiative with the hashtag #MakeAMove. It consists of downloading five letters which have to be sent to five European mandates so that everybody can make an urgent call because the soul of EU is at risk allowing that one of its members is drifting into authoritarianism without taking any steps to prevent it. 
Anyway, if you want to know more information, visit this page and download the letters. Besides that, the Catalan Association of Civil Rights have edited the video below to remember Europe our rights. 

22 Jan 2019


Hi there,
today I am going to talk about riddles, but do you know what are they?
Riddles are descriptions or questions with a hidden answer.
Students love guessing and language games.
Personally, I use them in my lessons because students have fun and they reinforce writing and reading.
However, introducing riddles with very young children is not always easy.
For that reason, I chose a book to introduce the language game.
After reading them and make children to guess the answers, I pushed them to design a riddle. However, as very young children don't have resources to write, I decided they could draw. Here you have the template.

In this way, they could create their own riddle. After that, we were guessing the asnwers by groups.

20 Jan 2019

Designing blogs

Hi there,
if you are a blog owner or just a follower, here you have a useful link to help you with your inspiration designs.

15 Jan 2019

Good ideas to share

Hi everyone! I just want to share two activities I put in practice. 
You know that children love moving because they involve action. 
So, what about to learn new chants and vocabulary singing while moving?
Here you have a sample:

Another way to make children having fun in the classroom is by giving them some  vocabulary we have just introduced and using a famous tone for them.
As an example, try to repeat the days of the week or the months of the year as the example below:

January, February,
March, April,
May, June,
July, August,
September, October,
November, December,
Then you turn around.
(To the Macarena) 

10 Jan 2019

Tintin celebrates his 90 birthday today!

The young reporter appeared for the first time in 1929 together with his lovely and amazing dog Snowy. 
From this post, I want to celebrate his birthday bringing to my mind an awesome activity that my husband made at his studio and also a drawing  he made in one of his studio's wall . All the pictures were taken while he was working there and at the end of the process I could be in his project.
Tintin will be always in my family's hearts. Thanks Hergé (Georges Prosper Remi)!

8 Jan 2019

Second term is here!

Hi everyone!
It's time to come back to school and start the second term. Feel happy because we are going to introduce a cool song, the one that you have below! Click on that image and go to lyrics training web. Remember, if you want to listen to the missing word, you have to use the backspace botton. If you have problems, you can always use the tab botton for having the solution.

2 Jan 2019

Traditional game at Christmas

Hi there,
here you have a traditional game at Christmas time in the town where I live. The original game is not in English but I have adapted to play it in the classroom with students.
Here you have:

1 Jan 2019

WELCOME 2019 !

Wishing all my friends, followers and eventually readers good health, happiness, and success in the coming year and always!