29 Feb 2012

2012: a leap year

Why do leap years exist?
Leap Years are needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth's revolutions around the sun. It takes the Earth approximately 365.242199 days – or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds (a tropical year) – to circle once around the Sun.
The last leap year was in 2008 and it was Friday. The next will be in 2016 and it will be Monday!
Can you guess when it will be the next leap year?

"30 days" is a poem which has been learnt by heart by children from year 3 . Let's listen to them!
Click here and you will listen to the poem.

22 Feb 2012


Hi kids! Next Tuesday we will sing this funny song with some students from Pau Vila...so, that means that it's better you watch it and you sing it with lyrics.

21 Feb 2012


Hi everybody...specially children from CI. Why?...
Next week we're going to enjoy an amazing performance prepared by teenagers from IES Pau Vila. They are excited because they have enjoyed a lot preparing the stories you can see in this presentation.

17 Feb 2012


Hi everybody! It has been a little amazing this last week, hasn't it? You have followed the Carnival King's orders successfully: your shoes, your hair, your face and costumes...imagination and lots of energy!
Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Tuesday!

CARNIVAL 2012 from Inés Rosado on Vimeo.

12 Feb 2012


Originally the land mass of the Earth may have been one super-continent called Pangaea. But what happened after that time? This is a funny version about this topic.

How Continents were formed? from Inés Rosado on Vimeo.

8 Feb 2012


I always think that you are amazing artists! Whenever I look at your productions I remind my own childhood and my art and craft lessons. They weren't the same.
By the way, I have taken some pictures of your paintings and here you have this short movie about Paul Klee and Kandinsky!
Enjoy it and congratulations to all of you!!!

Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.

6 Feb 2012


Tuesday February 7th, 2012 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of English author Charles Dickens! Celebrations and public readings of his work are being held all over the world. We won't read any of his books but we are going to remember his most famous ones:

Oliver Twist: most people know the story of Oliver Twist. It is one of the most favourite books for children mainly after the movie's production.
David Copperfield: it is the tale of David Copperfield from his birth through to his maturity, what obstacles he faces in life and what friends he makes. With great characters it was Dickens' own personal favourite of all his novels.
A Christmas Carol: it's the classic story of how a bitter miser ( Mr. Scrooge) gets re-habilitated after being visited by three ghosts. The Ghosts' of Christmas Past, Present and Future show him visions of his life and of his influence on the others' life. On seeing things as they truly are, Scrooge changes his whole outlook on the world.

So, from now on, try to remember these three books from this famous writer, Charles Dickens!

2 Feb 2012

February 2nd & half Winter!

Hi everybody! Frozen snow has fallen in our city today and weather forecast says that it's going to be really cold.Today it was just too good to see all of us staring at the sky! Today, February 2nd, the Groundhog Day!
Here you have two pictures from our playground! I
wish it could be whiter than in the photos!
By the way, here you have an easy and appropriate poem for today!:

Snow is falling
Short flowers disappear
Snow is falling
The cold is here

Snow is falling
It's time to play
Snow is falling
Let's make snowmen today :)

1 Feb 2012


There's an important legend in Catalonia about "la Candelera" (February 2nd). It's celebrated just in the half winter and people say that "Si la Candelera plora, l´hivern és fora; si la Candelera riu, el fred és viu". So, this legend is about weather.
In Pennsylvania there's another one about marmots or groundhogs. It says that an early spring is on its way if you don't see this animal's shadow, but it's six more weeks of winter if you Do see.
Whatever the weather predicts, families will surely dig this adorable Groundhog Cupcake. Click on the groundhog's picture and you will find the recipe.
Ah! let me know if you make this delicious cake. I will be very happy!
By the way, if you are a teacher, maybe you are interested in this pdf. You will find flashcards to work this special day with your students.