26 Sep 2019

European Day of Languages

We celebrate the European Day of Languages today! Each year I do different actions to engage my students with languages. This time, I want to make them looking for different English messages  in the city we live. As examples, here you have some of them:

Those messages make English a useful language for understanding what they want to communicate us. If you do not pay attention to them you are losing information. So, be aware and do not lose what English offers to you in the city you live, wherever it is.

21 Sep 2019

Climate change week

If you do something special every day about taking care of our planet, you make a difference.

 People around the world are becoming more conscious of the urgent need to reduce pollution and save our green and blue planet.
By the way, here you have two scientists who talk about the atmosphere as well as the oceans. Also you can learn some actions for saving our planet.

2 Sep 2019

Starting a new School Year

Hi you all!
It's been a long time since I wrote a post in this blog but summer
 is finishing and we have to say hello to another school year.
Are you ready?
 It's time to keep in touch with English!
Click on the picture below and refresh school vocabulary!