27 Mar 2015

Happy Easter !

Let's celebrate and share our Easter traditions!
You can buy and boil some eggs. After that, dye them as the picture above. 
You will enjoy a lot if you share that task with your friends or your family as well. 
After that, you can hide the eggs and play with your friends. 
You can also give them as a present for Easter Monday!

26 Mar 2015

Easter is coming!

Hi everyone! 
As Easter time is coming, we have introduced some basic vocabulary in the English lessons. After that, the Easter activity below is a great exercise for young children.
 They are going to become egg designers. 
Click on the pic and have fun!

24 Mar 2015


Here you have some online games to practise your vocabulary on hobbies!
Remember there are many ways to say that you like something! We will use these expressions saying the true about us:
I like...
I love...
I'm good at...
I'm interested in...

If you click on the pic above, you will find another activity.

18 Mar 2015

Our particular St. Patrick's Day

Let's check numbers by playing.

Have you ever played snakes and ladders? Click on the picture below and say "play"!
How to play
Roll the dice and move up the board in a race against the computer. 
Snakes take you down and ladders take you up.
You also practice number recognition and counting from 1 to 100.

17 Mar 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

 Today is the anniversary of the day St. Patrick died many hundreds of years ago.
He lived in the fifth century, that's more than 1.500 years ago! 
St. Patrick is Ireland's patron saint. 
That means that people from Ireland believe that he protects them.

But who was St. Patrick
Also, this day is well known for a number of its traditions.
But, how do we celebrate his day? Here you have some recipes and craft ideas to celebrate it.
Families let me say that students will have the opportunity to have some information about the celebration with the presentation below. They also will learn what a shamrock is and some vocabulary about the legend with this wordsearch

The picture below will help 4th graders to choose the name of their personal leprechaun depending on their personal names and the month they were born.

14 Mar 2015

I'm a little leprechaun

This St. Patrick's Day cute song for young children is delightful!

Wear green next Tuesday!

Hi everyone!
St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner. So, why don't we wear something green on Tuesday? 

That's an amazing idea. Can you imagine everyone at school wearing something that reminds you St. Patrick's?
Come on! Don't be shy and remember to prepare your green hat, t-shirt, shoes, jeans, trousers...whatever you want.
Meanwhile, here you have a clear video that explains the tradition.
See you next Monday.

12 Mar 2015

My English Troley

Hi everyone! 
We have got a special troley at school. 
It's an English library! 
It has got twenty-seven lovely books and we have been working on them a long the term.
I would be very pleased if you could tell me your favourite book.
It's easy, write a comment and send it to me!
Thanks a lot!

11 Mar 2015

Grammar for CS

Here you have a funny picture about present progressive tense. 
Click on it and practise grammar!

9 Mar 2015

Basic vocabulary for CI

Hi everyone!
As you know, 2nd graders have been studying on birds. 
We are going to finish our project with a funny activity for children. 
We will play bingo with the birds they have already learnt a long the term. 
So, in order to check their learnings, here you have this presentation.

Memory game for 2nd graders

Learn birds Vocabulary with this ESL  Memory Game. 
 ESL Learners and Teachers can use it to review English vocabulary or simply practice these words.
This memory game has audio, images and text which makes it possible to practice spelling, reading, listening and word recognition. 

8 Mar 2015

Spelling game

Test your vocabulary with this hangman game! 
Guess the hidden word by clicking on the letters. 
Attention: you must choose a level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and a topic (animals, colours, days of the week, months, parts of the body, numbers...) before playing.

Note: if you are a 3rd grader, this activity is perfect for you.
         Remember to do your homework for tomorrow.

4 Mar 2015

Positive and negative shapes

The uses for paper in the English lessons are infinite. You can do whatever you want for developing imagination, motivation and surprise.
I have done this introduction because students and me explored differences in positive and negative spaces using colourful paper.
Let me remember that a positive space is a shape cut from a paper and a negative shape is the hole from which the positive shape was cut.
In the last lessons we designed some characters doing daily activities.

For more information about positive-negative art click on the link. 
There's a short video clip explaining the positive negative art form, plus some cool samples like this
- See more at: http://www.teachwithme.com/blogs/getting-to-the-core/item/4601-pumpkin-crafts-and-october-writing-prompts#sthash.n234Lqf1.dpuf
Have a look:
As a whole group, brainstorm what things students like about Halloween and list them on the board.  Then discuss the negative aspects of the holiday and things that they don't like about Halloween.  Write those on the board as well.  
The lists can help students with spelling, as well as deciding what things they want to include in their own writing prompt. 
I've always been intriqued by the positive negative aspects of art, and the fun things you can create around that concept. 
- See more at: http://www.teachwithme.com/blogs/getting-to-the-core/item/4601-pumpkin-crafts-and-october-writing-prompts#sthash.n234Lqf1.dpuf

2 Mar 2015

Let's have fun with opposite adjectives

Hi 3rd graders! Let's check some adjectives with this amazing song.
Click on the picture and listen to it.