30 Jan 2015

A rhyme for 3rd graders

Hi everyone!
3rd graders have to study a new poem for next Monday: "30 days". 
This rhyme goes back to the 15th century! 
Someone who learns that poem can also learn what a leap year is. 
A leap year happens every four years and has 366 days and it has an extra day in it.
The extra day is added at the end of the shortest month, February!
Last leap year was 2012, so the next will be in 2016.

29 Jan 2015

The alphabet with pipe cleaners

We have used pipe cleaners to form letters today.

We had a lot of fun with them, and for kids working on learning the English alphabet, it's a great tactile way to work on letters.

28 Jan 2015

Story time

1st graders have worked on this funny story. 
Congratulations to Carme Selga and their students. They have done a good job.
 Their English is excellent!

Hokey cokey

This is a funny song that 1st graders sing and dance this week.
It's a song that involves people standing and dancing in a circle. As each part of the body is sung about, the dancers have to put that part of the body 'into' the circle and 'out' again. When you 'do the Hokey Cokey' you can do it any way you wish but it might help to hold your hands together in front of you and rock your arms from left to right then 'knees bend, arms stretch' is as it says.This is a great song for practising language for parts of the body and having fun.

25 Jan 2015

A naughty monkey

This is a very funny video which shows a brave monkey.When the monkey sees two young tigers encroach into its territory, he decides to take things into his hands to drive them away. While the tigers are playing with each other, the monkey hangs from the tree above and stuns them by slapping them. Before the tiger cubs could react, the monkey has also started swinging from branch to branch in the trees.

A little later, while the tigers sit and rest, the monkey again pulls the ear of one of them and starts a barrage of slaps and pushes. The monkey is doing all this while hanging from the tree and coming down frequently to the lowest branch to continue his harassment on these tigers.

The monkey also pulls the tail of one of them. The tigers are increasingly frustrated and try to go after the monkey. The super speed of the monkey enables it to jump from branch to branch and always eludes the tigers.

Finally the tigers give up the fight and admit defeat by going away from the territory of the monkey!

We will talk about this video next week

22 Jan 2015

Art at school

I always think that you are amazing artists! Whenever I look at your productions I remind my own childhood and my art and craft lessons. They weren't the same.
By the way, I have taken some pictures of your paintings and here you have this short movie about Paul Klee and Kandinsky!
Enjoy it and congratulations to all of you!!!

21 Jan 2015

Activities on line

Dear families and children!
Second term has already begun and we have to follow with our activities.
Students from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade are working in Unit 3 in their books. So, remember that checking what they are learning at school through activities on line, it's a good way to refresh and to reinforce what they have learnt in the English lessons.


19 Jan 2015

Rock, scissors, paper

Hi everyone,
although some people say that today is a blue Monday arguing that it's a very sad day, we don't agree with them, do we?
We have just started our "Creative week" and 1st graders and me designed some objects with our hands just only with an easy song:
"Rock, scissors, paper
Rock, scissors, paper
1, 2, 3
play with me.
Right hand,...
Left hand,.... "

Look at the pictures and this video.
Can you find more objects and animals just using "rock, scissors and paper"?

On the pic above you have a helicopter
the one below, glasses

A snail is the animal on the right.

18 Jan 2015

W&G and creativity

Hi everyone!
Do you remember Wallace and Gromit cartoons? Wallace is usually very creative. 
Here you have an episode where he designs a new machine: the Snoozatron. 
 Pay attention and have fun!

17 Jan 2015

What is creativity?

Hi families,
it will be an important week the next one.
We will cope with CREATIVITY in different workshops.
Albert Einstein said that "creativity is intelligence having fun".
Artists are very creative as the picture and the video below show you. 

 Now, tell me:
Are you ready to face with creativity next week?
Hope we all enjoy!

16 Jan 2015

Easy tricks for You and me

Paper Tricks!
Here are some fun tricks you can try just about anywhere.

14 Jan 2015

On this day...

Lewis Carroll died on January 14, 1898. 
As you know, he was the author of Alice in Wonderland.
Lewis Carroll loved puzzles and games. He was a very keen chess player too.
Here you have some of the main characters in that famous book.

Furthermore, if you click on the pick below you will enjoy with a set of 10 stamps that is being issued to mark the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

12 Jan 2015

Numbers for 1st graders

Check numbers from 1 to 10.
You can review colours too.

                                                        Numbers from Inès Rosado

8 Jan 2015

Vocabulary for CM

Hi everyone!
Children from CM have to study vocabulary about clothes . If you want to feel confident about that topic, click on the pic and roll your mouse over the items to read their names. If you want to hear the pronuntiation, press on them and listen to what they are.
After that, you can do different activities. 
Read the instructions and enjoy with English!


7 Jan 2015

Spot the differences

Hi you all!
 Click on the pic below and spot the six differences in two minutes. 
 Listen to the descriptions carefully. We will work on those jobs in the next English lesson.

2nd term is here!

Hi everyone! Are you ready for a new school term? 
We must come back to school plenty of energy and ready to work on amazing projects. Here you have some pictures of different activities we worked about a long the first term so that you can remind them and have good memories about our English time. 
See you tomorrow!

4 Jan 2015

Three Kings' Day

January 6th is Three kings Day. 
Traditionally, children receive gifts on this day, brought by the three kings, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar.
So... Are you excited? 
We will enjoy the procession tomorrow evening. 
Watch this Christmas carol written by John Henry Hopkins, who wrote both the lyrics and the music.
By the way, catalonian families will usually celebrate Three Kings Day with a scrumptious dinner that is topped off with the King's Bread for dessert. 
Children also wear a crown at the table in honor of the kings. 
Here you have my last king's special bread made at home last year.