30 Sep 2018

Prepositions with Quizizz

Hi everyone! Some of my students are going to work around prepositions and I have prepared the activities below to dive into that word category.
My very first activity, would be a memory game: by looking at the mind map below and trying to keep the prepositions in mind, students will try to say all of them in the pic with no names. Do you remember all of them?

Besides that, I have designed this quizizz. If you want to play it, click on the pic below and introduce the code 595734.

26 Sep 2018

European Union Gamification

Hi there,
I have just designed an excellent activity that can be used as an assessment tool. This is the European Union jigsaw. It has been designed with the jigsaw planet. This is a free tool and it is not strictly necessary to take an account, but if you do, you can store your jigsaws and edit them later if needed. Click on the pic and have fun trying your own designs!


Happy European Day of Languages!

Hi there,
today is the DAY! I was looking forward to celebrating this important day because children and I are excited to participate in the tongue twister competition. We have prepared some presents for the winners and also an awesome certificate. Here you have it:

22 Sep 2018

Tongue Twisters

Hi there,

a tongue twister competition can be an excellent activity to engage children and help them to improve their pronuntiation and having fun at the same time. It's an activity that can be done in all the levels . Along the week we will practise them in our English lessons. 
Methodology: I will pronounce first very slowly to make children familiarise the sounds. After that, we will work on their meaning, making sure that students understand them. Finally, all together we will repeat each of them as many times as we need.
By the end of the week, we will play and repeat them with cards: picking cards by turns and repeating them without making mistakes. If the student say the tongue twister in the card correctly, this student will keep the card with him/her. If not, the card will be tidied at the bottom of the deck of cards.

16 Sep 2018

Engage language learning!

A lot of adults regret not having learned another language different to the mother tongue or the foreign language learnt at school. Personally, I think that language teachers have the advantage of encouraging children learning languages. We have many resources and technology to engage children in a flash, but specially in September, at the beginning of the school year, we have the opportunity to inspire them and get them excited about learning languages planning activities to celebrate the European Day of languages (September 26th). So, if you are a teacher and you want to plan some activities for that celebration, here you have some resources from TES.

10 Sep 2018

A new school year starts!

Welcome back everyone! I am sure you all had a very well deserved holidays. Now it is time to think about the new course and get fresh ideas for our lessons. If you are a teacher, here you have an excellent web page to recommend your students to check grammar when they play...but, if you are a student and you want to practise a little bit of grammar, click on the picture below and have fun with lots of activities. Pay attention on the left and decide if you want to play with nouns, adjectives or verbs among others. Click on the one you choose and have fun!