Special needs

Listen to the letters of the alphabet and click on the correct one:

This is a lovely song that makes children feel comfortable and learn about the planets.

This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123

This song will help children to fix some structures and new vocabulary. Click on the pic below and watch it.

What colour are they?

Let's check the ABC. Click on the picture below and then on each letter. You will listen to the sound and some examples.

                               Now click here and follow the instructions.
Learn food vocabulary with Sammy and Eve
Click on the pic and have fun!

After that, here you have a video from Dingo Lingo
It introduces the most common animal words in English. Enjoy it!

Here you have some activities that help you in English.

Click on the wheel and listen to the colour. 
Then click on the correct one. 
Good luck !

Play with them by matching the colour with its label.

Now listen to the numbers and try to remember them!

Watch this short movie and learn numbers from 1 to 10

It's time to pay attention to this song. 
Have fun! 


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