27 Dec 2014

100.000 visits!

I want to take a moment to thank you all for your support, whether it's helping children, following this web, doing the activities on line or giving your support.
It means so much for me!
It's so important to me that  I want to dance for all of you.
If you want to sing with me, click on the pic below.

Also, let me say that here you have more games for these days.

23 Dec 2014

Christmas is here!

Click on the Christmas cards and you will find some Christmas games!


22 Dec 2014

21 Dec 2014

How to make a Christmas cracker

Hi you all!
Here you have an easy way to make your own Christmas crackers.

Welcome winter!

Hi you all! 
Winter is here and we are busy buying presents for Christmas.
Here you have a good gift for a child.
Just for sharing with you and for celebrating one of the greatest joys of being a teacher,
look at the children's faces when they listen to an incredible story teller!

19 Dec 2014

Fold me up!

Hi everyone!
4th graders have been working hard about Christmas. The last activity consisted of making a Christmas fortune teller or snapdragon. Some of them didn't have enough time to make it in the English lesson, so here you have the instructions about how to make a fortune teller.

The steps are as it follows:
  1. Fold the paper into fourths
  2. Unfold the paper
  3. Fold over the four corners, into the middle.
  4. Fold into fourths again
  5. Flip over the paper
  6. Fold over the corners on the new side of the paper
  7. Fold into fourths one last time
  8. Fit your fingers into the slits and open.

Decorate the Christmas tree game

Click on the picture below and decorate the Christmas tree simply by dragging ornaments on the floor and then drop them on the tree.
Then turn the lights off to see how it glows.

18 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas in different languages

If you want to impress your friends with several ways how to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, just keep on reading the list behind the picture. Click on it and find out the different languages.


17 Dec 2014

Names for Father Christmas

What would you call Father Christmas if you lived in another country? 
 Take a look at the picture below and count how many languages can you memorize.

15 Dec 2014


Your smile encourages others and makes people happy.
Try it!

12 Dec 2014

11 Dec 2014

Where is Santa?

Hi everyone! 
Today I want to share with you the Carol Christmas for 2nd grade Pay attention to this cute song and try to guess where Santa is. Enjoy it!

5 Dec 2014

Friday I'm in love

Hi everyone!
This song is specially for Irene from 4thC group and her mum who involved her daughter to this famous song by the Cure. 
Watch the video below and try to understand it. 
You will check the days of the week at the same time.
By the way, have a wonderful long weekend and enjoy your previous days before Christmas holidays.

3 Dec 2014

A poem for very young children


I'm a snowman 
short and fat
here is my hat
and here is my scarf.

When it's hot
I'm so sad
When it's cold
I'm so glad!

A count down to Christmas Day!

Hi everyone!
Here you have an special Advent calendar with lots of great ideas for this special time of the year.


From now on and right up to Christmas Eve there’s a special box to open up every day with a little Christmas surprise for you and me! :)) 

  • Christmas songs. 
  • Christmas crafts.
  • Reading texts.
  • The origin of Christmas.
  • Activities, recipes, jokes, tongue-twisters and much more… Great ideas for this special time

2 Dec 2014

Little Jack Horner

Hello everyone! 
Children from CI love this Nursery Rhyme! 
They are friendly with Jack Horner because he is a naughty boy and maybe they would do the same :))

1 Dec 2014

Welcome December

December is here and it is time to open the Advent Calendar.
The word advent means "a coming" and refers to the four-week period during which Christians prepare for the coming of Christmas Day.
 An Advent calendar has 24 numbered colorful flaps. One flap is lifted daily to uncover a holiday picture.
Get fun with this one: