30 Mar 2012


10 different groups in 4th grade have prepared this story for CI, 1st and 2nd grade. Here you have two examples, one from group A and the other from group B.

27 Mar 2012


Children from P5 have learnt by heart this Nursery Rhyme for Easter Time!

If you click on the picture below you will find the audio to play with your kids.

23 Mar 2012


Next Monday we will share with families all what we have been working on group-dynamic activities. Here you have the one we've done in CM, in the first foreign language.
This movie summarizes the application of an English project about group-dynamic games in a primary School. We have worked with mixed groups (8-9 years old) and we followed four steps: Introduction of a personal object, listen to "Whatever" by Oasis, "My favourites" and identify places and personal objects in the school.
These activities develop not only group cohesiveness but also empathy and respect towards the others.

20 Mar 2012


SPRING is in the air, isn't it?
We can smell it in the school.
Everybody is decorating the classrooms for next Monday, the School's day.
So, I want to decorate this English page, too .
If you click on the flowers you will find a funny game.

How many words can you write in three minutes?

19 Mar 2012


Children in 4th grade are preparing a nice story for young children. If you are one of these 4th grade kids, here you have Martha's recording so that you can practice your character at home .

As a present, here you have the movie. I hope you enjoy it!

16 Mar 2012


Hi you all!
St. Patrick's Day is an Irish holiday celebrated all around the globe on March 17th to honor the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. We have spoken with Martha, our american assistant, about this. We've colored a shamrock and also we've learnt some vocabulary about the legend with this wordsearch. Besides that, she has prepared this ppt to show us the main features of this important day! Thank you Martha!
View more PowerPoint from seniros

Also, here you have some recipes and craft ideas to celebrate this special day!

11 Mar 2012

Song- Whatever by Oasis

Oasis' song Whatever was a huge hit in 1994. Recently, a version by the Young People's Choir of New York has been used in a very famous TV advert for a soft drink.
You can listen to both versions:

New York


If you want, you can check the meaning of the song with your teacher! ;D

Can you describe it in your own words? Do you agree?

10 Mar 2012


This is one of the Giuseppe Arcimboldo's famous paintings. 3rd grade children tried to do the same with fruit and vegetables they have learnt . They had fun with this activity and also they really learnt vocabulary playing a team game. But, don't worry! We haven't finished the topic yet. Next week we're gonna to play this amazing food game!

8 Mar 2012


World Science Day takes place TODAY. Although we haven't done any special activity for it, I invite you to do at home this easy experiment with your family! I hope you enjoy it!

Besides that, if you want to read wonderful science comics click on the coloured words.

7 Mar 2012


As you know, children from CI has gone this afternoon to Casal Pere IV to see "The little mermaid". The performance was very fun and we have enjoyed a lot.
Here you have a short video with some pictures from the show.

Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.

6 Mar 2012


Yesterday afternoon Cicle Mitjà and also 5th grade's children went to Casal Pere IV to enjoy with Blue Mango Theatre Company. Its show was "Freaky" and here you have some of the pictures I put them all in a short video.

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.

5 Mar 2012


Hi everybody! This is Martha Pace and she will do her practicum in our school. She comes from Buffalo University (USA) and she's going to be with us until the end of March.
Welcome to Joanot Alisanda School !

2 Mar 2012


Do you know who was Hergé? Actually, his real name was Georges Prosper Remi and he was a brilliant and creative writer because he brought us a famous reporter who opens up to us a great world of thrill, danger and adventure: Tintin's adventures!

Hergé died in Brussels on March 3rd 1983. He was 75 years, 9 months and 9 days old.

Somehow, I want to celebrate this anniversary bringing to our minds some of the most famous characters.

Most of the pictures are from a calendar I've got at home!

Hergé, thank you for taking us to the great world of "The Adventures of Tintin”.


Hi everybody! click on this ABC and you will discover an amazing zoo!