28 Feb 2014

Body for Year 1

Hi you all!
Year 1 students are working on their body.
They draw and painted a big one and it's amazing.
If you visit their classroom you will see it.
By the way, here you have this song about parts of the body.
Enjoy it and sing and dance it with kids!

thanks for sharing ELF kids videos!

25 Feb 2014

The Hero Factory

Make your own hero and dress him or her. 
All up to you.
It's Carnival time!

What are you wearing?

Hi 3rd graders!
How is your Carnival week?
Today you have to wear your pyjamas a long the day
As we are working on clothes let's pay attention to this song

21 Feb 2014

My favourite day!

Friday is my favourite day! Why?
It's easy to understand. 
I have free time for my favourite activities. 
You can enjoy with family and friends. How? 
Lots of opportunities to do different things.
As an example...
this weekend you have an important event in our town: 
 photo by Salva Pou

18 Feb 2014

Five senses for Year 1

Hi you all! 
1st graders are learning this song about senses. 
I had the opportunity to learn it four years ago with an Irish student who was doing her practicum at our school.

17 Feb 2014

Animals for kids

Hi you all!
Today is 1st graders' turn. 
As they are working on animals, 
I present you a lovely video by Super Single Songs.
You can enjoy learning animal names with your children while sharing a laugh! 

13 Feb 2014

Acrostic names

Hi you all! 
After introducing the alphabet in the first term, 3rd graders are expanding the basic vocabulary writing acrostic poems with their names!
I must congratulate them because they work hard in the English lessons.
Poems are amazing because, although some letters are difficult for beginner students, they tried to describe true feelings. 
Here you have some examples. Hope you like them!

Ada couldn't do the activity that day, so here you have hers!

12 Feb 2014

Alice for Year 4

If Alice would live nowadays, how would you imagine her?

11 Feb 2014


What is a simile?
A simile is when you compare two things.
Here you have an activity that made 4th graders to understand it better.
Most of drawings are made by them.

English through Alice

Hi you all!
Do you want to travel through "Alice in Wonderland"?
Do you know who was its famous writer?
Have you got any idea about what an unbirthday party is?
Dive into this presentation and learn as much as you can about this amazing tale.

10 Feb 2014

We are friends!

Hi you all!
Year 1 children are learning a beautiful poem. 
They also understand its meaning through this video

We are friends from Inés Rosado on Vimeo.

6 Feb 2014

Speaking about ourselves

Hi you all!
3rd graders are working very hard in the Identity project! 
They are expanding the basic vocabulary in order to write acrostic poems with their names. 
In fact, in few days they will publish them! 
Meanwhile, here you have their oral descritions about some of them! 
Keep working hard and you can get anything that you want  (Margaret Mead)

Super Sue Pictures

Hi you all! 
These are the pics from Wednesday.
 CI graders went to Casal Pere IV to see Super Sue!

Choreography from Super Sue