29 May 2013


Hi you all! 
2nd graders have created fantastic chameleons and they have made me think of a famous story:

By the way, here you have real pictures of different chameleons. 
They are similar to your creations. Hoorey for all of 2nd graders!

26 May 2013

Sea Animals' project

1st graders are working on sea animals. 
From English we have planned to start with a story from Oxford University Press.  
 After that, we will learn "Slippery Fish" song by Charlotte Diamond. It's fantastic!

Teachers: Proud to say that I love this song. I really enjoy a lot when I teach and sign it with children. They love it too! Here you have the lyrics with some instructions if you want to teach it.

24 May 2013

My face

 Hi again!
This time is 1st graders' turn!
Maple leaf learning have different videos for teaching English vocabulary in a fun and stimulating way.
This is the one we have used to check some words in the classroom.

22 May 2013

City and country

Molly and Marco are friends but they live in different places.
Watch this famous story and try to remember the most information you can.
After that, we will compare the differences between city and country.


20 May 2013

The Baby Triplets

Today I have a surprise for CI graders. 
Here you have the triplets: Nelly, Tessa and Annie!
One of them has a problem with her teddy bear.

18 May 2013

More adventures!

Hi you all! 
Here you have a new Muzzy chapter. 
Muzzy is a huge green monster who loves eating clocks!
Sylvia and Bob have a surprise for Muzzy in this chapter.
Enjoy it!

17 May 2013

Places in a town

4th graders are working in Catalonia project. From English we have planned to start with shops and public places in a town. After that we will concentrate on Barcelona and we will describe this wonderful city. Because of this, here you have a video from ELF learning to develop places in a town.

15 May 2013

English Teachers

As having taught English as a non-native English speaker myself, I have been on the search for an answer to this question: "Are Native English Speakers Really Better Teachers?" Click on the word cloud and have a look on the reading. I liked it!

14 May 2013

Have fun with English!

Hi everybody!
As you know, the way children learn a new language is very important. 
Games are extremely significant for them. 
Because of that reason, we use funny activities in the english lessons. 
Here you have good examples:
1) the cookie jar

2) The food train chant
Let's listen to it and let's play with them to reinforce english at home!

10 May 2013

Outdoor activities for 2nd graders!

66 students from Year 2 and 6 teachers have been in Colònies this last week. 
A long the days we took part in different workshops: 
forest, farm, river and ointments. 
Besides that, we had night games and funny activities in our free time. 
Here you have some pictures from different moments.

7 May 2013

Food for 3rd graders

Hi 3rd graders! Today it's your turn.
We have finished the food topic! 
 Let's celebrate it with this funny song.
Here you have "I am a pizza" song by Charlotte Diamond

Note for teachers: Children echo short phrases and/or put the pizza ingredients on the (paper) pizza when they are sung.

6 May 2013

Learning by doing!

Hi you all! Let's start a new week with rhythm!
Very young children learn patterns through movement.
Let's pay attention and repeat the actions! 
Click on the picture below and have fun!

3 May 2013

Hoorey for 4th graders!

Children in Year 4 have read "Three Billy Goats". After understanding the story and working on it, they have prepared the story for very young children in our school. Here you have their productions.

1 May 2013

Animals for very young children

Here you have a video from Dingo Lingo
It introduces the most common animal words in English. Enjoy it!