31 Mar 2017

Some pics

Now that the end of the long second term is coming, here you have a carrusel which shows you some pics I took along these three months.

27 Mar 2017

2nd opened session

Hi there,
most of you know that I am working in an English teachers' team in my town.
We are organizing an opened session for all the English primary teachers in Sabadell. So, if you are one of them and you are interested in coming, 
write an email to crp-sabadell@xtec.cat just saying that we can count on you for next April 24th at 5:30pm.

26 Mar 2017

Stories for children

Hi there,
kids world's fun is an excellent web for everyone, not only for students but also for parents and teachers. I am searching an amazing story to tell my students and I have just met that portal. I want to share it with all of you because, among other important resources, you will find free ebooks for primary students.

24 Mar 2017

Funny rhymes ;D

Hi there,
irregular verbs are sometimes boring and tough for students but they can be funnier if we introduce creative activities. 
I decided to show some rhymes to students and make them to write new ones. 
Here you have some examples. Hope you like them and they help you with grammar.

23 Mar 2017

Quizlet helps students to become confident with English!

Hi everyone!
Quizlet is a platform where the teacher designs and defines what students need to review using the digital cards that the web offers. The students will check their learnings through different activities.
The only part of this website I don't like is the use of Spanish. As you all know, I would prefer to use the foreign language everywhere.
However, one of the aspects of it that I like most is the "speller" review mode where there is a voice which plays words for the the player and this one has to type correctly.
I have registered today and I have created my first quizlet ;D
Here you have an example:
tap on the pic and practise personality vocabulary.

21 Mar 2017

Question structures

Hi everyone! 
Quasimodo is a fictional character who can help us to remember the order of any question. 
He was the protagonist of the novel the Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo. He was born with a hunchback and feared by the townspeople as a sort of monster.
If you think about the first part of his name, you will never forget the structure of a question:

QUestion+Auxiliary+Subject + Infinitive (....)?

Look at these questions and check the order:
Where do you live?
When do you start school?
What time do you wake up?
What do you like?
Which colour do you prefer?
When did you go to the cinema?
What did you eat for breakfast?
Why did you send me a mail?

and...if you don't use a Question word, you have to follow ASI ;D
Auxiliary+subject+Infitive...?    Yes/No.....

Do you cook?
Did you go to school?
Do you study English?
Do you like pasta?
Did you do your homework?

19 Mar 2017

Alphabet game

Hi everyone,
this is a fun activity for young learners.
They have to pop the bubbles so the letters drop in the correct boxes below.
After each game, they will be encouraged to pop the letters in the alphabetical order.
An awesome activity for our students.
Tap on the pic and try to do by your own.

13 Mar 2017

A useful tool for your Clil lessons

Math Dictionary for Kids is an excellent helper for kids.
This interactive dictionary allows users to search for terms, mark favourites for studying further, take notes on definitions and see related terms. It includes illustrated and clear explanations of the most common terms used in math lessons, categorized by alphabetical scroll list. 
I highly recommend it!

10 Mar 2017


Hi everyone!
Are you looking for a song which engages students and makes them to participate actively in the classroom ?
Then, click on the elephant and pay attention to that funny song . After that, try to fill in the gaps with children.

If you want to have the lyrics, here you have this energetic song.

Teachers!, this is a very good production and it's got a great tune!
Kids will love it!  

An important event for teachers

The English group-team from Sabadell invites YOU to the first What's up afternoon in this school year.
The EGT organizes this opened session for all those teachers who want to develop concepts and make their students think critically. If you are interested in the event, write an email to  crp-sabadell@xtec.cat just saying that we can count on you for next Monday at 5:30pm.

9 Mar 2017

Plickers another time!

Plickers is an interactive game similar to kahoot. The difference is that children have a personal card with four different answers: A, B, C, and D. These letters correspond to each side of their cards. Students read the question projected on the board and they show the plickers card to the teacher's mobile phone. The device will catch all the answers in a flash. Look at the pic below.
Each time they answer a question, we have the results on the device's screen. 
At the end of the game, we can download all the results.
It's an engaged and funny way to check their learnings.

This is a quick tutorial on how to get plickers working in the class.

3 Mar 2017


Hi there,
apostrophes (') can confuse students but they aren't difficult if children can remember a few apostrophe rules. 
The pic below shows you the visual map that students and I designed to understand them better.
Hope you find it useful for your lessons.