30 Nov 2016


Hi everyone! Another project is here. This time 5th graders want to find out information about the oceans and fish species. We will work through cooperative teams and each of them will choose a fish research. After that, they will have to do an oral presentation in front of their mates.  

27 Nov 2016

24 Nov 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Today is an important day in United States. It's a national holiday and people spend the day with their families and it is traditional to roast a turkey with stuffing inside.
We will talk about it and we will learn some vocabulary today.
 For ending, I want to take a moment to thank all of your support, whether it is helping children, following this English blog or giving your support to me. 
It means so much for this English teacher!
So, although this tradition is not a catalan one, 
I wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving!

18 Nov 2016

Oceans project

Hi you all,
I have just started an oceans project.
Here you have two wonderful pictures taken under the water.
If you click on them, you will find out amazing webs where you can learn much more about marine animals (first one). 
Furthermore, if you click on the second pic,
it will bring all of you to amazing pictures. 
Enjoy them!

For ending, I want to share with you an easy song that children can learn easily

17 Nov 2016

Descriptions guide

Hi you all,
here you have a guide for describing pictures.
It will help students to follow an order when they do an oral or written description.

16 Nov 2016

Believe in yourself

One more time, and after some hard days...
I think that it is very important to be confident and believe in yourself. 
Then, you can do anything.
Never, never give up!

12 Nov 2016

Matching emotions

Personal pronouns game

Students roll a dice and name the pronoun they land on. If it's a picture, they say which pronoun it represents and find it on the board. If it's a word, they read it and show the corresponding picture. There can be many other ways to use the game - just follow your imagination.

7 Nov 2016

Talking about likes and dislikes

Hi you all! 
Here you have a good activity for 4th and 5th graders. 
Give them a list of likes and dislikes verbs:

  • I like
  • I love
  • I'm interested in...
  • I'm fond of...                                    + Verb -ing
  • I hate
  • I don't like
  • I'm not interested in...
and let them design posters for the classroom and/or for their bedroom.
Look at the example:

6 Nov 2016

Planets project

What about to work on Solar System with 3rd graders? We have just introduced the topic and we are going to follow working about it. This is a lovely song we are going to learn next days.

This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123

We will also learn this poem by heart

2 Nov 2016

Story time

This is a lovely story from The Teacher's Magazine (issue #72) for young learners . 
I decided to take pictures and upload them as an ebook. 
Hooray! Useful for my English lessons.