29 Oct 2017

How the brain works

Hi everyone. As a teacher of English  I reinforce the foreign language in different ways. One of them is to listen to somebody who speaks English as his/her first mother tongue. That encourages me to improve the language I teach. Anyway, I'm telling you this because I'm a follower of Ted's lectures and I want to share the last I have watched and where Joe Dispenzam, who has a Bachelor of Science degree, gives a TED talk about the brain’s composition and the role of its parts in building our experiences up and creating emotions.
He begins by giving us an overview of the functions of the three independent brains we have, which are composed by billions of connected neurons. First of all, he states the neocortex is the most evolved part and the seat of conscious awareness. It gathers information and, as a consequence, this part of the brain changes physically due to the production of a new connection between neurons. Then, we have acquired a new experience. He goes on talking us through what is the limbic brain (emotional brain), which receives the response from different patterns of neurons and regulates internal chemical order. When chemicals are realised in the emotional brain, we get an emotion, one that will be still remembered after some time. Moreover, he claims that routine lulls the brain to sleep. Mr. Dispenza mentions the cerebellum, which is the seat of subconscious mind.
It is surprising because, although the three parts of the brain work individually, they give us memories of our experiences! 
Here you have the lecture.

It reminds me to a mindmap I made with year 6 students last school year. 
Here you have:

28 Oct 2017

Jeff Kinney's books

This is Greg. The main character in the "Diary of a Wimpy kid".
I'm a big fan of Jeff Kinney, and this post is a tribute to his books and characters. They are lovely.
I recommend visiting his site where you will find some resources to work his books in English lessons.
 Jeff Kinney didn't think of being a writer. He wanted to be a cartoonist but as he didn't have a job at any newspaper, he started working on Wimpy Kid in 1988. The first book was published in 2007.

27 Oct 2017

Multiple intelligences

Hi everyone! I'm following a training on-line course and we are working around the eight intelligences. Here you have a meaningful PowToon showing the main features of each intelligence. Also , you can follow the link MI Test and take the online test to determine which is your unique multiple intelligences profile. If you want to comment yours, I will be very happy to read your answers.

By the way, I have classified the activities we can do in our lessons.
I must say that depending on what we are focusing during an activity, it can work more on a specific kind of intelligence or another.

24 Oct 2017

Introducing ourselves


Now, it's your turn. 
You have to write a text giving some information about you. 
Here you have a model:

22 Oct 2017

T-shirts everywhere

Some children find frustrating and annoying when teacher force them into activities that require thinking, plan and writing.
The question is: is there anything that will make them feel writing is something interesting? So, I tried to engage students with an amazing activity I want to share with all of you.
The aim of this activity is to design a T-shirt with a message and a picture. First, they must observe the language of the messages: short, direct and understandable (but not always correct!). Then, they have to draw, paint and write a message. Finally, they have to write a description of their T-shirt design and present it in front of the class.

Let's find out some examples and understand their messages. Maybe children will find some grammar mistakes. We must be aware!


When children decide their message and they finish the activity, they will answer some questions about it:
1) why did they choose it?  (you can give some examples to them)

  • because I like it, 
  • because it makes me feel happy/proud of me
  • because it reminds me an advert...
  • because it reminds me my favourite pet....
2) Do you think is a good message? yes, I do/ no, I don't
3) Why? Because it is about friendship/ kindness/ freedom....

19 Oct 2017

Changing expectations

Things have changed around us. I am researching the use of internet, specially the benefits for primary children. For that reason, I try to update my teaching methodologies to the present moment.
Watch the video and tell me what your expectations are.

17 Oct 2017

Freedom for Catalan political presoners.

The presidents of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Omnium Cultural (OC), the two biggest grassroots organisations fighting for independence and self-determination for Catalonia, were sent to prison yesterday. The post today is for them. I want to give my suppport to their families sharing this video in this blog.


What's happening?

 It concerns to each and every European citizen.

3 Oct 2017

Human rights

My heart is broken due to the facts that are happening in Catalonia. Catalan people are peaceful citizens who want to be heard. Personally, I think that States and Institutions must change their roles and open their minds negotiating the best for living life in peace. I don't lose hope!

By the way, here you have one of my favourite activities and pages. This is lyricstraining. This time, you can practise your English with Imagine by John Lenon. Click on the pic below and fill in the gaps.