31 May 2014

Rain, rain go away!

The weather is a little bit silly in Spring time. 
Sometimes the sun shines and after a while it rains cats and dogs.
We prefer sunny time because we can play outside as this song says

30 May 2014

Move your body

Hi you all! 
It's time to celebrate the weekend!
Although the weather is silly, here you have an amazing song to suggest you some exercise and have fun at home.
Enjoy it!

29 May 2014

Money maze for 4th graders

Have you ever visited the UK? 
Money comes in pounds and pence. 
Practise listening for numbers with this money maze.


26 May 2014

Goodnight Lola!

Lola is a little girl who doesn't want to go to sleep and her brother Charlie tries to convince her of doing it.

If you want to play with Lola, click here to help her to get to the centre of a maze.

21 May 2014

The most common names at school

Hi you all!
3rd graders have been working on names, identity through names. If you remember, they wrote some acrostic poems and they described themselves through their names.

Nowadays, we wanted to know what are the most common names at school and we decided to search them with a survey.
First of all, children decided the most common names for boys and for girls and after that they went to each classroom asking about how many .....

Here you have some pictures of different moments during the English lessons.

and...these are the results. 
MARC   m   French, Catalan, Welsh
French, Catalan and Welsh form of MARK
SERGI   m   Catalan
Catalan form of SERGIUS
ARNAU   m   Catalan
Catalan form of ARNOLD

ARIADNA   f   Spanish, Catalan, Russian, Polish
Spanish, Catalan, Russian and Polish form of ARIADNE

JÚLIA   f   Portuguese, Catalan, Hungarian, Slovak
Portuguese, Catalan, Hungarian and Slovak form of JULIA
MARIONA   f   Catalan
Catalan diminutive of MARIA

20 May 2014

16 May 2014

Playmobil at Sabadell Fair

This weekend is special for us, isn't it?
  Somosclick organizes a playmobil clicks exposition at Sabadell Fair.
So, you can't lose this opportunity. 
It's the biggest playmobil exposition in Europe!
Children are free. Adults 3€. 

Also you have the opportunity of visiting Medievalia. 
This time is round Central Market

15 May 2014

Body for 2nd graders

Click on the pic above and drag the words to the correct places

Make easy sentences

Hi you all!
Here you have an activity where you must drag the words in order to make sentences.
Clue: pay attention on the capital letter, that means that the word will be the first one of the sentence.

14 May 2014

#Bring back our girls

Some nigerian girls were kidnapped from school more than three weeks ago.
Taking action at school:
We want the kidnapped girls go back with their families.

13 May 2014

An amazing zoo!

Here you have a place I'm sure you love, the zoo but this is a special one.
You can go into some fantastic creations of your own! 
Click on the picture below and choose a letter. 
You will see Bembo's amazing zoo animals.
Have fun!

12 May 2014

Countryside vocabulary

Hi 3rd graders!
Click on the pic below and look for "Eduland 2".
If you click on the black word you will find an activity about the countryside vocabulary you need for the project.
You have to match the words with the correct pictures.

8 May 2014

Snapping balloons

Hi students,
click on the pic below and you will find an amazing spelling number game:
 when you see a balloon with the correct letter, hit this one as it goes past. 
You must shoot the balloons in the right order! 
When you finish, you will get some more. 
Try it! It's fun!


5 May 2014

Country and city

Molly and Marco are friends but they live in different places.
Watch this famous story and try to remember it.
We will compare the differences between city and country.


2 May 2014

Opposites and rhyming words poem

Hi 3rd graders!
You have to study the first part of the opposites poem for next Monday. So, if someone has forgotten it in the classroom, here you have it. 
When you study, you will practise opposites and you will reinforce spelling.
Click on play and you will listen to it. 
Have a wonderful weekend!

1 May 2014

Number rap

Hi students,
let's check out numbers from 1 to 100 with this cool rap.
Thank you Super Hero!