28 Jun 2013

10 things you can do during the holidays

Read a story in English 
Listen to an English CD 
Watch an English movie
Collect 10 English words from a magazine or newspaper
 Learn 10 new words in English
Learn a new song in English
Send a friend a letter or an e-mail in English 
Make a scrapbook in English
Find a simple recipe in English and cook a delicious dish
and the most important...
make your summer fun and memorable doing 
what you like !

25 Jun 2013

Learning through songs

Hi families!
Children love songs and moving activities...so we use to sing a lot in our time.
Here you have some oral activities in Year 2 during the third term.

22 Jun 2013

Another School Year has ended

Hi you all,
The school year has ended and summer has begun. 
It was a memorable year and I thank 6th graders for an amazing year full of great memories with wonderful friends and teachers!
Have a great summer everyone!

21 Jun 2013

Summer is here!

Hi you all!
Today is an important day!
Summer is here and it's also the end of the school year.
In order to celebrate it, we have an important farewell in the school because 6th graders finish primary school. 
All the students are a little bit sad but very happy at the same time. 
Tomorrow morning I will upload some pictures of that celebration. 
here you have some Summer time vocabulary

19 Jun 2013

A famous story for Year 3

Clik on the pic below and you will find the script

This is the example given to kids

Now, it's children time! Listen to these two examples:

The robots' group

The moons' group

18 Jun 2013

Summer holidays are coming!

The end of the year is quickly approaching!   I can't believe it!  
We're working hard on the assessment this week, so I've been trying to come up with some worthwhile activities that the kids can enjoy doing until Friday.
This is a good example. 
If you are a teacher, here you have a grammar game for year 5

17 Jun 2013

Alex and the sea

This is Alex, a boy who discovers the sea, the animals and vegetables.
Alex checks the world and the sea playing and having fun with children. 
He teaches to the kids what is an Octopus, how they are, how they behave and how 
 they live (by Children's educational videos)

14 Jun 2013

Be happy and have a nice weekend!

Songs are a great way to learn English and Lyrics Training is a good way to learn through songs! 
You can choose from three levels and complete the text as you listen or just use it for karaoke - it's up to you! 
Click on the picture below and listen to Bobby McFerrin.
Click on BEGINNER. You can press the BACKSPACE button to listen to the last sentence again and type it correctly !
Otherwise, If you want to jump the gap, press the Tab button. 

13 Jun 2013

Rock Red Riding Hood!

This is a reading in Year 3.
Children discovered a particular version of  Little Red Riding Hood and they could design their own characters.
It's a funny story to read and to practice comprehension. 
After that, you can improve their speaking skills through a performance.
Note for teachers: Here you have a link with different versions of LRRH

12 Jun 2013

Alice in Playmobil Land

Hi you all!
As you know, Sabadell received a great exposition about clicks last weekend.
 I was thinking and thinking of an amazing idea. 
What about to make movies with your clicks?
I have a good example. Have a look and try to do an easy one. 
You'll practice English in a fun way and I will be very happy of watching it.

9 Jun 2013

Clicks Exposition in our city

Hi you all!
Do you know the great news?
Sabadell has an important exposition: 
playmobils in Fira Sabadell!
It's a 4000mt2 paradise for everybody, including adults (me as an example) who collect or who enjoy and play with them. That’s because playmobil is one of those toys for which no time passes. 
In that exposition you can discover raffles, games and movies about clicks. 
What are you waiting for going to? 
Say to your family and enjoy the moment!
If you click on the pic above, you will find some photos from that exposition. 
One more time, thanks Salva for your pics.

8 Jun 2013

World Oceans Day 2013

To celebrate World Oceans Day, I want to show you the projection below. 
A special thanks to NOAA's Ocean Today for its splendorous video and all the work it does to conserve the oceans of the world and the species that inhabit them. 
So, here you have it. Smell the sea and feel yourself free.

7 Jun 2013

Our seas

Hi everyone!
 Today has been a hard day because we wanted to finish our particular seas to take nice pictures and to upload them to this blog .
Click on the picture below and you will see what I mean.

By the way, here you have a funny game: a fish sudoku ;D
Click on the picture and have fun!

6 Jun 2013

We have the power!

If you want to write your promise, here you have the template
and...if you want to check the sea animals' vocabulary, this video is useful for repeating and studying them.

4 Jun 2013

Take action to protect Oceans!

We will celebrate the World Oceans day next Saturday, June 8th.
As first graders are working on sea animals, it's an excellent moment to make a promise in order to have better Oceans and to protect sea animals.
For that reason, today I'm worried about puffins.
Puffins are charming birds, with their colorful beaks and expressive eyes.
  Scientists are worried about the high levels of puffin starvation 

(they are very hungry)
We're putting them at risk due to rising ocean temperatures which disturb their food sources :(

So, make a promise to clean and reduce rubbish and your carbon footprint for World Oceans Day and the puffins!

3 Jun 2013

The sea animal show!

1st graders enjoy watching this underwater show featuring animals of the sea.
 Let's encourage them to say the names of these animals.
Note: If you want to draw a fish, here you have this link with easy explanations.

1 Jun 2013

We are friends

1st graders are very enthusiastic about Goldilocks and the three bears Story. We've worked it in the English lessons and we've learnt the difference between big, small and tiny. That made me think about an easy diversity poem I learnt some years ago. I thought of teaching it to children because it fosters respect and appreciation for others. Here you have it: