30 Jan 2012


Hi children! If you are in 4th grade you will want to play with this interactive game to practice what you are learning. Enjoy it!
Besides that, here you have an interesting lesson about the muscular system!

28 Jan 2012


2nd grade is working about the Solar System. We have just introduced the topic but we are going to follow working about it. This is a lovely song we are going to learn next days.

This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123

24 Jan 2012

Let's listen to 3rd grade children!

"30 days" is a poem which has been learnt by heart by children from year 3 . Let's listen to them!
Click here and you will listen to the poem.

23 Jan 2012


Hello, everyone! On January 30th we celebrate PEACE DAY.
Each classroom is preparing a surprise for our excepcional audience, do you remember?
Besides that, I want to remember you that the 30th of January is the anniversay of the death of Mahatma Gandhi. He was an Indian political and spiritual leader.
One of his famous thoughts was " It's possible to live in Peace"
One of the most important things Gandhi was known for was his non-violent form of protesting.

From this page I want to celebrate this important day sharing with you a song:
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Through lyrics I could understand that this person wants some Peace in our world.
Insteed of everyday troubles, he wants some magic in his life.
He wants to float on a cloud!
His voice is peaceful and calming!
What do you think about it?

19 Jan 2012

Let's listen to Very Young Learners!

Hi everybody! kindergarten children enjoy singing songs.
This is one to check at home.
They use to say the beginning easily but not the end. So, if you see this message, you can practice at home with them. Share their learnings in a funny way!

HELLO! from Inés Rosado on Vimeo.

13 Jan 2012

MORE AVATARS from 3rd Grade!

Group A




Natàlia A.

Group B

Natàlia V



11 Jan 2012


Hi everybody! Children from 3rd grade have been studying some vocabulary about clothes . If you want to feel confident about it, click on the picture and you will find some funny activities.


Hi everybody!
Second term has already begun and we have to follow with our activities.
Children from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade are working in Unit 3 in their student's books. So, remember that checking what they are learning at school through activities on line, it's a good way to refresh and to reinforce what they have learnt in the classroom.

2 Jan 2012


This video is the one I used in my presentation about Catalonia in Latvia, in the ETSize project in March 2011.
It's made by a catalan editor, Ester Bertran, a friend who wanted to explain that life is full of obstacles, but you have to overcome them and look forward the life with optimism.
Enjoy it!
Congratulations Ester for this production!

1 Jan 2012


Play a lot.
Draw happiness.
Meet interesting people.
Paint the afternoons with bright colours.
Start each day with the biggest smile in the world.
Dance and laugh. Stretch your arms and legs to touch the stars.
Build bridges between friends. Imagine kites of wishes that come true.
Feel the wind in your face and body. Sing the song that makes you feel great
Read your favourite book once again. Dream of a garden full of trees .
Celebrate Christmas with joy and love.
HAPPY 2012!