Primary 1st Cycle



Hi you all!
1st graders worked very hard. They chose their names for each group (A, B, C) at the beginning of the school year and they have learnt different aspects about the animals they have choosen in Spanish, Catalan and English. They have been exciting projects, mainly in group B who has had published its penguins' project in 
"La Ceba" magazine
Learning has no borders! 
Each school in Sabadell has selected a project to publish in the magazine. So, if you want to know more about different projects you can discover by yourself checking the schools on your left!


Here you have some pics from the different seas we made.

Primary 2nd cycle


CM students are doing different workshops about that topic. So, I present you the one that we are studying about the air pressure on water. First of all, it's very important for us, to understand what pressure means. 
Here you have this clear power point 
to understand its meaning.

CM graders learnt that the air around us has weight, and it presses against everything it touches. That pressure is called atmospheric pressure, or air pressure. 

We started with  old and empty bottles, hammering a hole in a side of each bottle. Then we put a drinking straw through each hole.
Children discovered, when they filled them with water, and put the lids on, the water stoppped pouring through the straw, because air wasn't getting into the bottles, and couldn't pushing down the water. Otherwise, when they unscrewed the caps, the water was pouring ! It was fun and they enjoyed a lot. They talked about they had made a fountain with a tap.

If you're a kid who is trying to do this experiment, get an adult to help you make a hole in the bottle. I don't want to hurt yourself! You have to make the hole on a side of the bottle, close to the bottom.
Put a drinking straw through the hole you have just made it. Fill the bottle with water all the way to the half bottle. Screw on the cap. What's happen? Hey, there's no leak!

Slowly unscrew the cap and watch what happens. Are you ready for the water to come rushing out?


EXTRA INFORMATION: Atmospheric pressure is commonly measured with a barometer. In a barometer, a column of mercury in a glass tube rises or falls as the weight of the atmosphere changes. Meteorologists describe the atmospheric pressure by how high the mercury rises. 


Ahoy Mattes! Sit back and arr!, here you have the project

Pirates acrostic!
Pirates sail across the sea
 Invading islands and ships
Riches fill their chests
Another pirate ship they want
Trust not a man with a peg
Even he wears an eye-patched
Skulls and crossbones everywhere
by 4th graders

The bird on the chimney

European project planning

Look around you
School project 2012 planning

Let's make children be aware of languages are everywhere.
They are at school, but also in the city and why not on, let's wear a t-shirt with a message on it!
This is the way we celebrated the European Day of languages.
Here you have a movie showing  some t-shirts and the primary students who have participated.

We have understood their meaning and we have choosen our favourite t-shirt/writing. Besides that, we could realize not only to learn English is important , but also to learn more languages. 

Do students usually return from the summer holidays having forgotten most of their English? Do you sometimes wish they would do something over the summer to keep up their level of English? Here you have a simple project which is easy to set up, fun to do and provides pupils with an authentic context for writing English.


What’s in a name? Does it really matter what we are called? When parents are expecting a child the most important thing in a short time is to give him/her a name.

Besides that, beyond the names we are all given at birth, we are also given descriptive names  that often say a lot about who we are too. We might have been known as the “the smart one” or the “pretty one” or the “athletic one.” We adore those positive descriptions of ourselves– claiming their complete worth, shaping who we become as we grow up.

This project is planned and managed by two schools, one from Czech Republic and the other from Catalonia.  The pupils will share ideas, work, images and different tools along the second term....using English as way of communication and also introducing their mother tongue so that they talk with classmates and families about identity names.
Examples of English adverts that 6th graders will almost certainly come across in their everyday lives, as well as some new ideas.

The European language celebration September 26th each year, so this time,
children and also teachers wore a t-shirt with a European language on it! 
Here you have the movie we made with some of the pics we took. 
As it was impossible to show all of them, we chose
 the most meaningful and funny ones. 
Enjoy it!  

After watching the video, chindren thought about it and chose
three different t-shirts: 
the one they liked most,
the one they think it had a good message,
the one they found it was funny.
Proposal for working with children 

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