25 Jul 2014

Happy summer

Smile, relax, forbide, do sport, go running, go on excursions,  try to say what you feel, go for a walk, draw and paint, smile at your parents, read a book, sing in the shower, keep your good memories, take some photos, listen to your friends, show your happiness, write your feelings, listen to the nature and respect the environment, help people, do what you have promised, let someone help you, look at flowers, help to your friends, turn the TV off and chat with your relatives, listen to your favourite music, learn something you have always wanted to do, phone your friends, close your eyes and imagine the waves on the sea, make someone feel important, make a list of things you are good at, go to the library and listen to the silence, say to your friends you love them, look at the stars, think about what you have, breathe, finish projects, don't worry if you have some mistakes, make friends, grow and be responsible and enjoy your summer.

Let me say thank you for your continued support this year.  
It has been another great year for all of us and I'm already excited about what next year holds.

I hope you have a very happy and relaxing summer break. See you in September!

22 Jul 2014

Story time for CI

Hello CI students ! This is the story of Little Red Riding Hood
Click on the picture below. 
After that, click Start and you will watch the story. Have fun !

21 Jul 2014

It makes me happy!

Hi you all!
Here you have a song by Pharrell Williams. 
I love this one because it makes me feel very, very happy.
The exercise consists in filling some gaps.
Click on the beginner level and start the activity. 
You can press the BACKSPACE button to listen to the words you don't understand. If you have no idea, press on the TAB button to jump the word.
Enjoy it!

18 Jul 2014

Madiba's Day

Today is International Mandela's Day. 
This year will mark the first time the day has been celebrated without Madiba, and the fifth year since the UN declared July 18 – the birthday of the anti-apartheid revolutionary – the international day aimed at "bringing people together to fight poverty and promote peace and reconciliation."
But, why is Nelson Mandela so important?
Because  he went to prison for 27 years and he stood up  just for what he believed in. He believed that black people should have as many rights as white people. Along that time he had been offered to get out of prison but only if he gave up fighting for what he believed in but he refused!

16 Jul 2014

Do you like reading?

Meena, the main character in this story, hates books. 
Let's pay attention and watch this movie!
After that, try to answer the questions below
1 ) Do Meena's parents like books?  
2 ) Has Meena got a pet?
3 ) Where was the cat when it was lost?
4 ) Were Meena's parents angry because of the mess?
5 ) What was Meena doing when her parents arrived?

13 Jul 2014

A great picture

Did you see the moon last night?
 The picture above is taken from Sant Fost de Campsentelles and it was made by Lina and Cristian. Amazing, isn't it?
If you want to read more information about it, click on this link and you will find it.

12 Jul 2014

Mark your calendar

Hi you all!
Today I'm excited because we will be bathed by three moons along this Summer. They will be with us tonight July 12th, in August and also in September.
Let's learn different facts about these special "supermoons" watching the video below. As an example, tonight it will be brighter and extra big. If you have problems with the listening, here you have a link where you can read the information in the mother tongue.

3 Jul 2014

Riddle 7

It's something that you chew. 
That's my first clue. 
 It's usually mint that's my second hint. 
 If you chew till noon,
 you'll get a balloon. 


2 Jul 2014

Riddle 6

It has got a car
but no wheels.
It has got a pet
but no fleas.
What is it?