31 Dec 2012

Have a good 2013

Thank you to all my students, friends and followers.
I appreciate your support, comments and shares this past 12 months.
I wish you the best and hope all your dreams come true!

Look at these clever frogs how they solved the New Year

27 Dec 2012

Christmas holidays!

Hi you all!
 Click on the human tree and you will find lots of activities to have fun with English: carols, music, games, activities for colouring and decorating, stories, vocabulary and others.
They are related to Christmas!
Oups...the password is "holly"

26 Dec 2012

Anywhere at anytime

Adults, families, you all
here you have a new way to practice a second language! 
You can download it to your smartphone at
 http://ow.ly/bl0RZ  or  App Store: http://ow.ly/bl0SM

24 Dec 2012

Christmas poems

Christmas is the time to enjoy with family and friends. 
We get together and listen to great Christmas music, sing carols and read Christmas poems. Those poems have been part of Christmas celebration for years together.
Students from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade have learnt one.
If you want to read them, click on the different levels.

1st grade
2nd grade
3rd grade
4th grade

are you ready to say your poem tonight and tomorrow?
We celebrate Christmas Eve today and Christmas Day, tomorrow!

22 Dec 2012

Sharing Hugs, 10Q!

This is a lovely video from Sharing Hugs.
Santa Bear and Robin bring you Christmas greetings on a snowy moonlit night!

19 Dec 2012

Advent Calendar II

This is a lovely Advent Calendar for very young learners and for adults as me.
Click on the wreath and go to the BBC web. It's wondeful!

18 Dec 2012

Carol Christmas for 3rd grade!

Hi 3rd graders! Here you have your carol and your poem for these days!

16 Dec 2012

Joanot with TV3 Marathon !

Hi you all! 
Some of you have visited Tauli Park this morning. 
TV3 Marathon has moved lots of people there. 
We could make kites, paper planes but mainly paper butterflies or makeup. 
Here you have some of the pictures I could take.

13 Dec 2012

Ordinal Numbers

4th graders are learning "12 days of Christmas".
If you want to watch it, go to 4th grade page on your left.
This Carol Christmas uses ordinal numbers.
They tell us where an object or person is placed. 
If you pay attention to this video, you will understand them better. 

11 Dec 2012


These are the first vokis! Come on, I'm waiting for the others! Congratulations !

8 Dec 2012

Get a Voki!

3rd graders have written their own descriptions. They have learnt them by heart and now, if they want, they can create a voki. 
Click on play and listen to this cute reindeer! 
It's my helper!

7 Dec 2012

Christmas Carol for 2nd graders

Hi children! How are you? Do you want to watch a lovely song about Santa?
Here you have this cute video from Super Simple Songs, one of my favourite webs.
Next week, 2nd grade children and me will enjoy with this Christmas carol!

6 Dec 2012

The monster book

Click on the monster book and learn qualities with this listening!

5 Dec 2012

Countdown to Christmas!

How many days to Christmas?
Here you have another fantastic song from Super Simple Songs! 
 It's the perfect active song to review numbers from 1 to 20

Daily Routines

4 Dec 2012


Here you have a lovely song for kindergarten and very young learners.
If you pay attention you will listen to some parts of the body. 
Can you point to them?
This adorable video is from Super Simple Songs.

3 Dec 2012

Advent Calendar

Click on the garland and look at the Pearson's Advent Calendar! 
There's a special box to open up every day with a little Christmas surprises for you!