31 Oct 2013

More surprises!

More surprises are waiting for you!
Click on the image to play

Halloween everywhere!

Hi you all!
Everybody is going to celebrate Castanyada or Halloween parties tonight.
I know you adore this type of celebrations but don't forget that our typical celebration is the Castanyada.
This is the reason because you have that funny pic below this text.
If you click on it, you will find lots of activities for having fun this long weekend.
Have nice days!

Password: Pumpkin 

By the way, here you have my spider cake for tonight!!!
 It will be delicious!
Note for cooks: if you want the recipe, clik on the spider cake.

30 Oct 2013

Have a nice long weekend!

Hi you all!
Here you have some of the sweet potatoes you dressed up for our exhibition at school.
Your imagination is incredible!
Enjoy the video and review vocabulary.

29 Oct 2013

Halloween games

Hi CM students!
Here you have a memory so you review vocabulary about Halloween.
After that, you can play different games: try to spell, guess or answer questions about Halloween.
You will check what we have learnt in our English lessons.
Click on the picture below and
have fun!

28 Oct 2013

Halloween song

Hi you all! This is a Halloween song for children. This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins.
Video by KidsTV123.
and here you have the Halloween Chants!

27 Oct 2013

What is a witch?

This Kids Wiki has everything you need to know about witches. 
Like how do know a witch is really a witch and not just a nice kid in a witch costume dressed up for Halloween trick-or-treating? 
Watch and learn all about witches and witchcraft, like how witches have green skin, pointy hats, and long crooked noses with warts on top. You can also be pretty sure that a witch is really a witch if they're mixing up potions in a cauldron, casting spells, or riding around on broomsticks .

26 Oct 2013

Ready for Halloween?

This witch will teach you some Halloween vocabulary! 
Have fun listening, repeating and matching words.

25 Oct 2013

A poem for 2nd graders

2nd graders learnt this nice poem!

Please and thank you
are magic words
we need to say
very often, every day.

Please and thank you
are useful words
to help you be polite
and make people feel alright.

Please and thank you
are the best words
to say people
with a big bright smile!

Let your children know how happy it makes you when they are being kind and responsible. 
Let's listen to them!

Note for families: you will see this poem in the children's scrapbook.

23 Oct 2013

Autumn poems for 3rd graders

Hi 3rd graders!
Here you have the Autumn poems we have to study for the next English lesson.
Be patient because you have the three poems below.
Just take your time and repeat with me.

20 Oct 2013

A riddle for You

Which is the shortest month? 
Think a little bit because it's a trick question.

The shortest month is May because it has got three letters!

18 Oct 2013

A song for 5th and 6th graders

Hi CS students!
This time it's your turn.
Here you have "Friday I'm in love" by The Cure
If you click on the pic below you will find it.

Click on BEGINNER and start to fill in the gaps you will find. You can press the BACKSPACE button to listen to the last sentence again and type it correctly!
 If you want to know the solution, press the TAB key

17 Oct 2013

Hoorey for 1st graders!

Hi everybody!
As you know, each school year children from CI choose their classroom names. We have already known that 2nd graders are robots and stars and today I want to introduce all of you 1st graders' names. 
They are chinchillas and football players.
For that reason, I want to share with all of you these two videos. 
The first one is about how a chinchilla takes a dust bath. 
It's cute and lovely!

The second one take a look of ten famous footballers before they were popular. 
It's curious and fun. 

16 Oct 2013

Why do leaves change color in Autumn?

Every Autumn in all the forests of the world, there is a miraculous change in the color of the leaves. They turn from green into brilliant shades of yellow, orange, red, and gold. Sometimes you can see several shades on the same leaf. But why are these color changes happening, and what is going on in the plant?
Read this explanation and you will understand!
Plants make their own food. They take water from the ground through their roots. They take a gas called carbon dioxide from the air. They turn water and carbon dioxide into food using sunlight and something called chlorophyll. This one is green. It gives leaves their green color.

Winter days are short and dry. Many plants stop making food in Autumn. Then, the chlorophyll goes away. Then we can see different colours as orange, yellow, red, gold and also brown. When they are brown, it comes from wastes left in the leaves.
Watch the video!

15 Oct 2013

Seasons of the year

Hi you all! 3rd graders are working hard and nowadays they are studying days, months and seasons in a year. For that reason, here you have this song that describes the seasons with nice words and pics. Enjoy it!

13 Oct 2013

2ndB group is "the stars group"

This is a lovely song we are going to learn next days.
Enjoy it!

This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123

12 Oct 2013

2ndA group is "the robots group"

Hi you all!
Second graders have already decided their names. 
They are going to be the robots (group A) and the stars (group B).
Today I want to introduce a song from
for 2ndA group.
Here you have the lyrics!
 Families, don't worry because this one will be in children's scrapbooks.

Don't worry 2ndB grop! 
Tomorrow I will publish your song!

11 Oct 2013

Months of the year

Hi 3rd graders!
Here you have a video with the 12 months of the year you have to study for next week.
Have fun!

After that, try to do these activites

10 Oct 2013

How many words can you make?

How are you Today? 
I'm very satisfied with some attitudes in the school: you try to speak English not only in the classroom, also in the playground and when we meet in the corridors. 
That's fantastic. Congratulations to you all!
By the way, it's Thursday and we are working hard in the English Lessons.
What about to play a little bit with words? 
Click on the picture below and try to make words in three minutes.
You have to use the sixteen letters you will find in the grid.
Good luck and enjoy with English!

9 Oct 2013

ABC for CM

Hi you all!
CM graders are very enthusiastic with the alphabet. We introduce an animal and a quality in each English lesson: angry ant, busy bee, cute cat, dizzy duck, elegant elephant, funny frog, good goose... and we will continue next days. In that way, when we finish all the ABC, we would have learnt new vocabulary. At the same time, they guess that the quality goes before the name.
It's fantastic and children are very motivated.
For that reason here you have a song from Chuchu TV.
Enjoy it!

4 Oct 2013

Grammar for CS students

Hi you all!
Sometimes, grammar points are a little bit bored.
For that reason, I propose you to review present simple and continuous 
through this movie. 
Have fun!

Here you have a summary about present progressive tense. Click on the picture below and practice grammar!

3 Oct 2013

Days of the week for CM1

Hi 3rd graders!
click on this link and also on the picture below and you will find activities about the days of the week!