22 Jun 2012

10 Things you can do in holidays

Read a story in English 
Listen to an English CD 
Watch an English film 
Collect 10 English words from a magazine or newspaper
 Learn 10 new words in English
Learn a new song in English
Send a friend a letter or an e-mail in English 
Make a scrapbook in English
Find a simple recipe in English and cook a delicious dish
and the most important...
make your summer fun and memorable doing 
what you like !

20 Jun 2012

Playing games in 4th grade

Hi you all! Today we have enjoyed a lot playing games in the English lesson. Here you have some pictures to remember what we did in the last English lesson. 
Try our video maker at Animoto.

To 4th graders.
I'm glad I was your English Teacher for four years.
I can't believe the end is here.
I hate to see you go.
Remember all the fun we had
In all the things we did,
but, most of all remember...
You're a very special kid!

15 Jun 2012

6th grade FAREWELL

The end of the year is a happy and a sad time. It’s a happy time because it’s the end of the school and we have summer holidays (hooray!). It’s also a sad time because we have to say goodbye to the sixth graders. Besides that, this year we say goodbye to Àngels Folch because she retires on June 30th! She has been working in Joanot Alisanda for 40 years! 
 Thank you Àngels for loving your job!
 Joanot Alisanda’s kids and teachers have celebrated a fond farewell to all of them today, because next week, 6th graders will go to Cala Montjoi for practicing sports and having a great farewell. We wish them all of the 
luck in the world and we know they will have a great time in their new Secondary Schools! 
We will miss you all!

 Remember we will have another special day on June 22nd with your families! 
Festa Major in Joanot Alisanda School from 7 to 10 pm!!!!

14 Jun 2012


Chess for kids is a resource for chess players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. This ThinkQuest Junior website was created by Bryant (age 13) and Landon (age 9), two home-schooled brothers. Through their web, they can provide you tutorials to improve your strength  , as well as chess puzzles to practice on and learn from.

Good luck and have fun!

13 Jun 2012

Do you know Alice?

4th graders didn't know so much information about Lewis Carroll's famous story, Alice in Wonderland. So, we have introduced it in the english lessons briefly and children brought some books they had at home. They have been amazing because we could compare the same story in different styles. 

Also, in the oral activities, we tried to understand Alice:  it could be some periods of our lives, that we could feel different from people around us. Sometimes adults don't understand or listen to children. So, Alice dreams about an exciting and fascinating world where she feels a sense of freedoom. 

We have concluded that there are many things we can learn from the places that don't suit us and from the things that seem to make us uncomfortable and confused.
Also we have discovered some quotes from this story. Here you have the ones we liked:

Impossible things are possible.

Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? - asked Alice
That depends on where you want to get to -said the cat.

Besides that, we have lessons on reading and pronuntiation and we could practice with the Caterpillar's chapter. If you click on the picture above you will listen to an adaptation we have made at school.

By the way, here you have a short piece of the movie: the White Queen making the shrunken potion.

12 Jun 2012

Pep leaves Barça at end of June.

Pep Guardiola will leave Barça on June 30 after four years in charge of FC Barcelona's first team. Guardiola's assistant, Tito Vilanova, will be Barça's next head coach. In press conference at Camp Nou last month, Sandro Rosell expressed his gratitude to the coach for  perfecting a footballing model. 
Also from this page, I want to be grateful with him because he's  been a perfect model for our children. 
Sometimes when I'm watching out the playground and kids come with problems, I usually try to put Guardiola and Barça football players as kids' examples. Most of the times, it works!
One more time, Thanks Pep!
Good job has no borders at all!

11 Jun 2012


Hi you all!
We have been working on different projects a long the school year. There's specially an important one. Yes, I'm sure you have guessed it because of the picture below. It's been the interdisciplinary project that all the Joanot's kids  have worked: GAMES
Let me say that we've done two English Workshops: one in CM (pages 40-41) and the other in CS (page 50). So, if you want to know more about them, click on the picture and enjoy reading. We are very proud of the publication. Congratulations to everybody! Good job has no borders!

8 Jun 2012


As you can see, we celebrate an important date today. For this reason, Kindergarten and CI children have worked hard on the sea and oceans' topic. Look at the activities they have made in this 30'' movie. Try to find these words: CRAB-SEA-SHARK-WHALE-SEA HORSE-OCTOPUS-FISH-STARFISH-TURTLE- SHELLS-JELLYFISH
Make your own slide show at Animoto.


      What kind of fish likes music?  
     (Look at the teachers' page, on your left )

                                 (You will find the answer in teachers' page )

6 Jun 2012



World Oceans Day is being celebrated by millions of people all over the world on the 8th of June.
So, do you want to be a part of the movement protecting our oceans?
What can we do?

  • Don't throw rubbish to the sea. Plastics, which generally make up about 60 percent of litter, are the worst. Marine mammals and turtles are killed by plastic every year around the world.
  • Reduce and reuse. In that way you'll have to throw less things.
  • You can become a volunteer to clean some areas in holiday times.
  • Be considerate and mindful for the oceans.
  • Express more interest and concern about the health of the ocean, the problems of pollution, overfishing and climate change.
  • Look to aquariums, zoos and science centers for ways they can be part of the solution.
  • If you want to know more actions, you can visit this page and LET'S DO IT!

By the way, hundreds of events are planned for that important day. Already over 250 events are listed from dozens of countries. If you want to investigate what they are, here you have this interesting link!
Let me say  that in Spain there are two important actions, one in Girona and the other in Lanzarote. I recommend you visit this last one because it has amazing photographs. Enjoy them!

1 Jun 2012


In few days, kindergarten children are going to take an important tool at home. 
This is a special folder, a magic kit through which kids tell a story. 
It allows them to build an understandable situation between themselves and their audience . 
Here you have an example in an English lesson at school. 
They have fun building the story with stickers and reminding the main structures in English!