15 Jun 2012

6th grade FAREWELL

The end of the year is a happy and a sad time. It’s a happy time because it’s the end of the school and we have summer holidays (hooray!). It’s also a sad time because we have to say goodbye to the sixth graders. Besides that, this year we say goodbye to Àngels Folch because she retires on June 30th! She has been working in Joanot Alisanda for 40 years! 
 Thank you Àngels for loving your job!
 Joanot Alisanda’s kids and teachers have celebrated a fond farewell to all of them today, because next week, 6th graders will go to Cala Montjoi for practicing sports and having a great farewell. We wish them all of the 
luck in the world and we know they will have a great time in their new Secondary Schools! 
We will miss you all!

 Remember we will have another special day on June 22nd with your families! 
Festa Major in Joanot Alisanda School from 7 to 10 pm!!!!

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