19 Oct 2017

Changing expectations

Things have changed around us. I am researching the use of internet, specially the benefits for primary children. For that reason, I try to update my teaching methodologies to the present moment.
Watch the video and tell me what your expectations are.

3 Oct 2017

Human rights

My heart is broken due to the facts that are happening in Catalonia. Catalan people are peaceful citizens who want to be heard. Personally, I think that States and Institutions must change their roles and open their minds negotiating the best for living life in peace. I don't lose hope!

By the way, here you have one of my favourite activities and pages. This is lyricstraining. This time, you can practise your English with Imagine by John Lenon. Click on the pic below and fill in the gaps.

21 Sep 2017

Welcome Autumn

Autumn is easily my favorite time of the year.
Fall is such a wonderful time of year, isn't it? 
Although we can still enjoy a summer weather, some leaves are turning into warm colours. The weather is getting cooler, but it is still fun to play outdoors. 
Today I want to share "Autumn leaves" by Eric Clapton with all of you. 
This is one of my favourite songs. I'm sure your parents, teachers, friends and everybody who loves jazz, will like it.

2 Sep 2017

Thinking about...

I have done many reflections about my job as a teacher through the summer. Each time I think about it I consider that my job consists of building a rich environment that facilitates the kind of learning that will benefit my students. It is not to reproduce the lesson but to develop concepts, think critically, and apply and evaluate what they have learned, by providing opportunities and experiences that are relevant to such goals. Because of all of those reasons, I prefer to work through projects rather than to have a book and follow the units without any motivation. 

30 Aug 2017


Hi everyone! How was your summer? Mine has been amazing because I could organize it so that I had time for different activities. One of those was to deep into an excellent technique for teachers and kids. Have you ever practised Mindfulness? That is
"to pay attention, on purpose, to the present moment" (Grossman, 2016). 
Some months ago I listened to a lecturer (Emma Reynolds) to talk about Mindfulness and the positive effects it has over our lives. From that moment, I tried to read some books about it and I learnt more over the summer. Once I have seen that we can obtain lots of benefits in our schools, I decided that one of my resolutions for this new school year would be to use this technique with my students. There are many ideas and activities in the internet but here you have an easy exercise to practise with kids, as an example.

27 Jul 2017

Summer holidays!

Hi there!
How is your Summer going? 
I have been in Menorca with my daughters for some days. We went walking "Camí de cavalls" where we met English people who asked us different things about the place. 
English is important wherever you go or travel!
By the way, here you have some activities to help you with English.
But remember...it's always up to you!
By clicking on the links below you can download and print some activities to practice a bit of English.

I want to wish you a Great Summer and....don't forget English! 

See you in September.

17 Jul 2017


Hi there,
here you have an incredible web page where you can find different songs for primary children (kids+videos=kideos ;D)
It offers your kids fun and safe videos with themes and music they love.
Click on the pic below and sing with children!

15 Jul 2017

On line activity

Hi there, 
this is a good on line activity to review grammar. 
Click on the picture, read the question and choose the correct answer!

13 Jul 2017

A magic tool

makeagif.com offers you a tool which makes your photos alive just adding some movement. Look at the example below, I just wanted to add two different images and "voilà" they became a gif in just 15 seconds.
You have to register if you want to tidy your creations.

This is my nephew last July 5th, when it was his 14th birthday ;D 

12 Jul 2017

A game & song for these days

This is a super simple, super fun colors song for kids. They can play it at home or when they travel by car. It's a great way to pass the time and talk about all of the things they see around them. They can look for the coloured objects with their family as they drive through the countryside. 

11 Jul 2017

Some thoughts about dubbing films

Hi there,
as a teacher of English I recommended to my students to listen to English music and to watch original films in Summertime. However, an essential element that acts against the whole educational system is the systematic practice of dubbing into Catalan and Spanish languages of ​​almost all audiovisual material, mainly cinema and television. As there are no movies or programs in original subtitled language for them, children do not have to make any effort to read in their own language and it is said that, because of this, children do not learn easily foreign languages. 
Although economic and social needs have communicated that it is necessary for the population to master languages ​​especially English, the authorities have collected the glove and the educational policy is to define the school as the responsible of this issue. I mean, the school will have the obligation to teach a second or third language, but the socio-cultural context will act against this obligation, because the student will not be immersed in that new language in a continuous way throughout the day, just only the English hours at school. Then, how can the school deal with this situation? Personally I speak English 100% at school and out of it if I have kids around me (p.e.Colonies period) because as always we say, we have to teach by example. How can I say to a kid that English is a communicative language if I don't use it to talk with the school community? In fact, I pretend that, whenever students see me, they use the foreign language to talk with their English teacher. I have to say that it is easier with the big ones because they have more structures in mind to use but you will be impressed listening to the youngest students asking to me different questions or just saying hello or good morning. But not only students practise English but also families and colleagues try to use it.
I have to say thank you to those mates and families who have encouraged themselves to use English with me and with kids because we can lead by example and feel that English is around us! Well done! It is a good way to go. A big hooray for all of YOU and ME! 

10 Jul 2017

Quality Label

I have participated in different eTwinning projects and I have just received a Quality Label from the one I shared with Italy, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Albania (tapping on the pic below you will see it). Really proud of my students and school. We have worked hard along the year and this is a present for our task. I cannot be HAPPIER ;D

If you want to read our writings and ebooks, click here.

9 Jul 2017


Hi there,
along the school year my colleagues and I are very busy because, as other teachers, we plan, organize, prepare, have meetings and inteviews, coordinate, discuss and agree different issues about our job among other tasks. We link together students, other mates, school administrators, families and community members to foster the learning process of our students. However, we must not forget our relationships as teachers and colleagues and, personally I think that we have to include activities that build and foster our relationship in our plannings. As it happened yesterday. It was fun to do a trip to Viladrau with colleagues and live with them in a different context from the school one.
Look at the photo below. It was taken yesterday when we organized a warm farewell to three colleagues who are going to retire next August 31st. Building relationship between teachers is important but it is much more when we have to say goodbye to so outstanding professionals. 
Thank you to Carme, Lourdes and Eulàlia for sharing your last school years with us.
For sure, we will miss you a lot!
                             Some of the colleagues and "Les Agudes, El Turó de l'home&Matagalls"

5 Jul 2017

PBL, Project or Problem?

Hi there,
if you usually visit this blog, you will know that I often work through Project Based Learning and many times I have read some articles about Problem Based Learning (Leggett, A. (2014). Active learning pedagogies)
Both have the same acronym and sometimes I confused them. Because of that, I decided to find information out about the second one and I found this easy and clear video where it is explained. 

After watching the video above, I would like to conclude with some ideas as far as I am concerned:
Both focus on an open question or task.
They are authentic because both are real content.
They build 21st century skills.
They emphasize student autonomy

So, the main difference between them may be lengthy because problems tend to be shorter that projects. Moreover, they follow specific steps meanwhile Project BL follows different steps. 

I hope that these conclusions will help you to difference them.

4 Jul 2017

Favourite activities

Hi there,
before introducing children's favourite activities, let me say to you that this school year I taught English from 2nd to 6th grade and the foreign language participated in different classroom projects. Moreover, English was the language to develop more activities, so in June, I worked with the classes asking them which skills, games, songs, chants, readings and role-plays (among others) they liked most.

I list them in this post so that you, as a reader or teacher, consider that they can be useful for your future lessons. Here you have them:
- 2nd grade_ chants and froggy the frog story
- 3rd grade_ the animal alphabet and Please Mr. Crocodile game
- 4th grade_  the Shirt of a happy man Story and the activities we developed after going to the theatre and the hot potato game (look at the end of this post*)
- 5th grade_ The research about sharks and songs, specially You've got a friend in me. Students were so enthusiastic that they wanted to illustrate the song as an activity inside an English space
- 6th grade_ to write different stories coordinated  with another school using Story Jumper

* How to play Hot potato.
You need a ball or a soft toy for this activity. The class forms a circle and you give out a ball, which they pass from one person to the next. After a few seconds you shout "Hot potato" and the class start to count down from ten to one. The person who has the ball (potato) when you reach number one has to go down on one knee and say a word related with the topic you decide. If this person is caught out again, then he/she goes down on two kees.

1 Jul 2017

Classroom layouts

Interesting brief overview of seating arrangements and how they define teacher's 
personality , by tes

I'm an inspirer teacher:
Means that I'm a natural public speaker (I can't believe it ;D)
Big groups are my thing!!!
I get people excited 

30 Jun 2017


Hi everyone!
Before I switch my "school activity" off, I want to update you on the last activity about phonics I worked in an English lesson. Phonetics are sometimes dull to work in our lessons but I think that the activity I introduced to children, was a way to have fun with them.
At the beginning, the activity consisted in following the sounds by colours. After that, children had to identify in groups each word with a sound. At the end of the activity, kids realized that they had played with phonics matching them with colours. 

27 Jun 2017

Another challenge achieved!

Hi there,
the post today is not about English resources or activities. The one today is a personal post.

Like any mother, I am very proud of my daughters and yesterday was a magic day for one of them. Maria finished her microbiology degree in 2016 and  she has been studying a master about clinical microbiology along this school year, developing an incredible task at a lab in BCN where she has been researching different phenomena.
One of them, it has been the "Acinetobacter baumannii", the aim of Maria's investigation. As you can imagine, I have no idea about the methodologies and experiences in a lab, but I had the opportunity to listen to her yesterday morning. She told the "tribunal" what the hypothesis, the process and the results had been. She faced the challenge bravely and it was incredible being there and listening to what Doctors in the tribunal commented about the research. They congratulated her for doing an excellent work and, as a mother, I felt really happy and very proud of having such an outstanding daughter, as I am of her sister. I wanted to congratulated Maria and say her that I hope she believes in herself as much as I believe in her. 

23 Jun 2017

Alice everywhere!

Hi there,
most of you know what I love Alice in Wonderland 's book by Lewis Carroll.
In fact, I worked around the story with 4th graders some years ago and the experience enriched me a lot. After that, the world celebrated the 150th anniversay of the famous book's first publication in November 2015.
Someway, that famous story is always with me. When I walk a long my town, there is always something that reminds me something from the story. Nowadays, we have Alice everywhere. Last Sunday, as an example, I went to Salessians' School in our town where Alba Serrano and her mates made an incredible version of the story.
Thank you very much Alba, Dori and Toni for thinking of me.

and now, we have a new book with new characters which is highly recommended:

The Rabbit is David Cameron Camerabbit, who on June 23, 2016, on the day of the referendum in Great Britain, hides into a hole, the Brexithole. The Caterpillar is Jeremy Corbyn, Corbyn-pillar, who from the top of his mushroom is giving lessons and advice to everyone. Humpthy Dumpthy is Donald Trump Trumpty Dumpty. He is at the top of the wall that splits Mexico from the United States, and from that point he is affirming that he is delighted with Brexit. The Cat of Cheshire is Nigel Farage, who is drinking English beer and he is against those who make Britannia no longer as before.
When Alice leaves the tears' sea and comes to the coast, they ask her where she comes from and what she is wearing, and when she says she does not know it, she has nothing, and she has never worked, they try to immigrate and illegal (: D) who comes to take the jobs from the English.
The Queen of Hearts is Theresa May's parody, who wants and does not want to be in the European Union. In the end Alice is in Parliament, where she begins to grow, she destroys ... and she wakes up a few years before today,
The author is Leavis Carroll (what a coincidence!) , pseudonym of Lucien Young.

Thoroughly enjoyable! My only regret is that unlike Alice we can’t all wake up and discover that Brexit was just a bad dream :(

21 Jun 2017

Summer time!

Hi there,
today is an important day!
Summer is here and it's also the end of the school year.
Here you have an energic summer song:
enjoy this time of the year with the summer jive!

19 Jun 2017

Happy Birthday Cristina!

We celebrated a special day today at home. It's my youngest daughter's birthday.
From this post, I want to wish her all the best for her life. 

21 years ago Cristina and I lived a memorable adventure: after having my B2 English exam, Cristina wanted to arrive before our plannings. So, there she was at 00:00 a.m. after swimming and living into my body for 39 weeks, she was looking at me, relaxed, trying to say with her eyes that she wanted to be with her sister and parents.
Nowadays, Cristina is pure energy, she loves music, she is good at arts and an expert in designing (she won a Barça balloon signed by all the football players after designing a poster for a celebration at St. Cugat- photo below-)and also she is excellent at English. In few days she will fly to Cork (Ireland) with a group of teenagers for the second time on her professional life. She will go on excursions with them around Cahersiveen and she will help children to interact with the native Irish people and families.
Cristina has her second family there. She has gone many times and she loves Ireland.
We were very lucky to meet David Sabatés, Turas language's Director, who was the person who introduced us, as a family, into Kerry County.
Cristina, I wish you could keep your good memories, take lots of photos, show your happiness, write your feelings, look at the irish stars, think about what you have, breathe, and enjoy a lot your 21st year.
Many happy returns Cristina!!!
Sunday, June 11th at 12:30p.m. St. Cugat

Summer padlet

Hi there! After celebrating the Oceans Day, children and I had an excellent idea, to share our promises with our mates uploading a picture that shows the promise. We have used a padlet wall so that we can upload it to the English web. Here you have.
Made with Padlet

18 Jun 2017

Basic vocabulary for young children

Hi there,
this is an easy quizzlet to review some basic vocabulary. 
Click on the picture below and start the activities in order so that you get familiar with the vocabulary. 
Have fun !

13 Jun 2017

Check how much you learnt

Hi everyone,
the end of the school year is coming and I am very proud of our work. In order you feel confident with your learnings, click on the pic below and follow the steps to do all the activities. I'm sure that you all will have good marks!


10 Jun 2017

Web 2.0 applications

Larry Ferlazzo is a high teacher in Sacramento. He is also an expert in searching good websites to help EFL and ESL teachers. Here you have the best web 2.0 applications he considers in 2016.

8 Jun 2017

Take care of our planet!

Hi there! 
As many others, this post is worth it. 
You will see why in a few minutes ;D
As many summers, we see people leaving their trash on the beach :((
whether it's from a tourist or a local, it's ugly and damaging to our environment. This video is fun and an effective way to show those people to clean up after themselves. Hopefully most of us don't need a reminder.
Plastic Change International points out that every year 10 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean. PCI produced this video.
You can help fight plastic pollution here.


7 Jun 2017

Thinglink & OCEANS DAY

Thinglink is a webpage that enrich your images. How? Introducing information, putting notes, links, more images or even videos from youtube.
First of all you have to register, choose the free version. You shouldn't have any problem. After that, tap on "+" create at the top on the right and introduce the URL where your image is or upload it from your computer.
Then, you just have to tap twice on the image and introduce the information you want.
Here you have an example that I uploaded today making promises for celebrating
the Oceans Day (June 8th)
Drag the mouse on the picture below and you will find children's promises.

6 Jun 2017

Non native English teacher or native English teacher?

Hi there,
some days ago, a friend of mine uploaded to my facebook wall an article where it was recommended to have native English teachers in Kindergarten and primary school.
Well, at the very beginning I was disappointed because that friend didn't believe that I am doing a good job.
After that moment, I thought a lot about the article and I concluded with different ideas that I want to share in this post.
Someway, I would say that this idea is a myth. What I find troubling is that many proficiency teachers assume to be good teachers, trivialising many other important factors such as experience, innovation and personality. While profiency might be a necessity at our schools, proficiency by itself should not be treated as the deciding factor that makes a teacher. It is SO MUCH MORE, It is to know your students, the culture, habits, to anticipate some problems while learning the new language and many other factors.

Anyway, having a native English Teacher is good for students when they are at a higher level, like B2 or C1. However, with lower levels, from beginner to intermediate, a non-native-speaker but fluent in the language, is better, at least in my opinion, because we have gone through the same experience and we can moderate our speaking speed and style easily. 
I would appreciate if you write your opinion down and share it with us. Thank you !

5 Jun 2017

Ocean's Day

We will celebrate the World Oceans day next Thursday, June 8th.
As fifth graders are working on oceans and marine animals, why don't we make a promise in order to have better Oceans and to protect the sea animals? 
Meanwhile, here you have a cute video where two children go from their home to places around the world before returning home to tell their friends about the adventure and all they have learned. By the way, the accompanying song of ocean celebration is a parody of Gotye's "Somebody that I used to know"

World Oceans Day is celebrated by millions of people all over the globe! Visit  http://worldoceansday.org

4 Jun 2017


Today I want to work on common difficult sounds at English . Some words are pronounced incorrently by many of new learners. This is because the combination of sound is difficult or because there are silent letters and syllables.
Watch the video below and try your best with phonetics.

2 Jun 2017

Story Jumper

Hi there,
I had an incredible student doing her English Practicum this school year. In fact, she is going to finish it next week but I want to write a post about her Teaching Unit.
She decided to do it around legends. After introducing different resources and activities to students, they had to design a cooperative story with students from another school.
The task was an important challenge for kids but at the end, they have written good stories.
Here you have two samples.
Proud of all of them and Carla's effort. 
Thank You very much for being so enthusiastic!



1 Jun 2017

June is here!

Hi you all!
Today is the first day of June and I feel really excited because the end of the school year is coming.
For that reason and because the excellent weather we have at Sabadell, I want to share a song by Pharrell Williams that makes me feel very, very happy ;D
However, it is not going to be just a song, it will be an English listening exercise ;D
So, tap on the pic below and choose your level. Then, you will be ready to start the activity. 
You can press the BACKSPACE button to listen to the words you don't understand. If you have no idea, press on the TAB button to jump the word.
Enjoy it!

29 May 2017


Hi everyone! 
After going to colonies with 4th graders I came back to school today and I reviewed plurals and...oh my God, children have made me so happy! 
I mean, when we were working around healthy life, we were talking and introducing some food items and I decided to do in plural and not in singular. 
I mean, I talked about apples and not apple, or oranges and not orange. 
Why? Because when we talk about likes and dislikes, there is always who says, "I like apple", "I like orange".
So, I think that this makes it really easy for the kids because if they do need to make them singular, the rule is simple: chop the "s" off.
In other words, now that the school year is closed to finish,
I am very proud not only of all students' productions but also the way of planning and introducing the  language.
David Bueno ( look at the Blog on neuroeducation  ) says that the kids build their brain through different neurons connections and learning language through oral activities is one of the most important ones.

Exploring plurals in this way is one of the easy tools that we, as teachers, can consider in order to help them.
By the way, I have run into this easy song so that the kids get familiar with the rest of plural words.

22 May 2017

Brain project

Hi everyone!
I am so happy because another challenge has been another success in my lessons. 
Don't worry because I'm gonna tell you what is going on: 
students from year 6 decided to find out some information about the brain. 
They wanted to know how it works and why it needs downtime. 
So, after introducing the topic, I used the jigsaw strategy to boost students' confidence with the information they had. So, they were distributed in groups of four and each student specialized in one part of the brain. After that, they met with members from other groups who were assigned the same aspect, and after mastering the material, they returned to the "home" group and explained their information drawing a mind map. Each group made excellent ones. At the end, we decided to have one in common. 
Here you have it:

Finally, I designed an activity to encourage them to build sentences about what they learnt. 

They have learnt a lot, they expanded English vocabulary and they improved structures. The end of the school year is here and I am very proud of all of them!
For next week, they have to "dygest" all the information because we will play the brain-game-kahoot. Students are very excited thinking of kahoot activity.
So, I hope that kahoot encourages them to review and study the brain facts they have learnt.
What else can I ask for?

18 May 2017

Spring is in the air

Hi everyone!
Spring is a beautiful season, isn't it?
 I started my day introducing some vocabulary related with the season (clothes, weather, flowers and colours).
Then, children worked in pairs and shared five words for each category:  
1. spring activities
2. Spring clothing
3. Spring weather
4. Spring birthdays
5. Spring flowers and animals
6. Spring colours

After that, I introduced the song below. Children had never listened to it but some of them knew who the Beatles were.
We could talk about the season that the song talks.
Finally, we ended the session filling some gaps with some of the words we had introduced at the beginning of the lesson.
It has been an excellent and grateful time not only for students but also for me.


11 May 2017

Worth to read it

Hi everyone! 
Here you have an interactive web that offers and encourages the development of sharing ideas and knowledge among their visitors.
Tap on the picture below (an interactive resource about stories and legends) and deep into lots of ideas and resources.

Red Nose Day 2017

Hi everyone!
Today is a very special day for American people. They celebrate the "Red Nose Day"!

It consists to be funny for money and give it to help kids who need it most. This year all the main actors and actresses in "Love actually" movie decided to do something to keep money for children. Personally, I think that it is  an excellent idea.
Here you have it.

8 May 2017


Hi everyone! 
Most of you know that I decided to move from my old school to a new one which works through projects along the school year. This methodology is applied not only in kindergarten but also in primary where projects are focused on student learning goals and include different types of activities.
So after working in a new methodology I want to reflect what have been my feelings about Project Based Learning.
Adopting the PBL approach has produced a change in my way of teaching. I have to improve the presence of different levels of learning and special needs, the competences and social skills. It makes that students have to work in their own way to solve problems, to think and to access to information, processing and learning. 
Personally I think that this way of working has enriched me as a teacher because I have the challenge of improving my lessons every day through individual work but most of the times through cooperative teams by asking questions and doing research as well and making the students decide for themselves. The video below explains the most important aspects and elements of PBL. Worth watching! 

7 May 2017

Mum's Day!

Hi everyone!
It has been a perfect morning today!
I woke up at 7 a.m to run with a group of friends. After that, I had a relaxing shower and I felt satisfied because of the time I spent running. However, what I couldn't imagine is that the day would become better with my family because when I arrived at home, I had a lovely surprise!
My daughters, Maria and Christina, gave a special cup to me. The cup was made of goma eva and it was full of LOVE (lots of tiny hearts inside it). Also, they bought an insulated thermo with an important label on it: "Best Mom Ever" ;D All of those presents were with a cute note... Isn't it lovely? I felt proud of having the best daughters not just for those presents but also for giving their best and being excellent friends and workers.
Anyway, I want to wish all the best to those moms who are just the way you are, specially my mum! Here you have her with my two daughters.

5 May 2017

A riddle for the weekend !

I am in me
I am in here
I am in her
but I'm not in you!
Who am I?
Click on the face if you want to know the answer

30 Apr 2017

Competence exams

Hi there, 
all primary 6th graders at Catalonia will have their English competence exam next May 5th. So, if you are a teacher or a 6th grader, here you have some samples from different school years. 
They can be useful for being confident about yourself ;D

29 Apr 2017

Be confident about yourself!

"With realization of one’s own potential & self confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” ~Dalai Lama

I absolutely agree with Dalai Lama's quote. That's the way I understand my life. However, I'm not sure if confidence can be learned but what I can say about it is that you must always try your best, not only in your personal life but also in your professional one. That is the way I can be passionated doing different tasks. 

28 Apr 2017

Alice always in mind :D

Hi you all!
I have just received these pics from a thai friend whose name is Mind :D. She is another Lewis Carrol's follower and she also knows that I love his famous book "Alice in Wonderland" and I worked it with my primary students as well. 
She went to Disneyland Paris last week and she thought of sharing these photos with me.
Thank you Mind Thanyathorn! They have made my heart become very exciting and remind me some characters in the book.
By the way, have an excellent long weekend!