30 Nov 2017

The use of classroom space

Young children need to move about, so activities which take part in different areas of the classroom and require the children to be sitting or standing in different places are ideal: standing in a circle for a song, sitting at their tables to complete a worksheet, standing next to their chairs for a chant, etc.
That's the reason because I prefer to have less furniture and more space. I mean, I use the English Classroom with a split group, and when I have the whole group, I use students' classroom. 
Tables in my English space are always in movement. Sometimes they are laying like a U, sometimes in groups of four and sometimes in pairs. Depending on the needs. Ideally, some readings about this topic say that the children should be able to sit on the floor in a semi-circle or in rows in front of the teacher, who may be sitting on a chair, very close to the children. If you have enough space, a large rug or an old blanket spread on the floor will help the children know where to sit.

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