30 Oct 2015

Happy Halloween!

We like finding the ten hidden jack o'lanterns and we also love playing games with the rest of the pictures! (I spy ten Jack O'lanterns)

28 Oct 2015


Dear all,
some families ask me about apps that they can download for their kids.
There are thousands of them at Apple app store and Google Play, and a growing number of them are going on . These apps are very friendly and they have an attractive look.
For children, apps encourage the practice of skills, grammar and vocabulary through activities which are attractive for students. Among them, the ones offered by the British Council can be highly recommended, especially LearnEnglish Grammar and LearnEnglishPodcast for real English.

27 Oct 2015

A new song for 6th graders

This is an old song that tells the story of meeting a new friend at the beginning of a school year. Through its lyrics, it is able to remind childhood.

This is a stop motion that Alison Work made for her interactive media class in high school. Congratulations Alison!

25 Oct 2015

23 Oct 2015

Spooky monster mouths for cooking

Hi everyone! 
We have to prepare lots of things for next week: Halloween is coming and we will do different activities. Look at this one: mix popcorn, orange and black candy melts, candy corn M&M's, candy corn, and edible monster eyes to create an addictive Halloween treat.

22 Oct 2015

Giving directions

Hi you all!
if you click on the picture below, you will find a game that will help you to give directions. 
Advice: It would be nice that before playing, you have a look at some common places and shops in a town.


20 Oct 2015

National Geographic

This interactive magazine for young learners engages students like never before. 
Everyone will find amazing photos and excellent audios.
Click on the picture and then on "read scout"
and remember...
Students who read in English,
increase speaking, reading, fluency, vocabulary, confidence and much more!

19 Oct 2015

An amazing robot

Asimo robot can dance, play football and serve a drink as well!
Pay attention to the video and try to understand the information about it.

After watching the video try to say true sentences about Asimo with can/can't.

18 Oct 2015

Bee Bots

Here you have a lovely tool to bring to the English lessons:
 Bee Bots bring fun and excitement into the classroom while inspiring learning. Students are anxious to learn how Bee-Bots work and want to make the robot.
It is perfect for teaching not only control, directional language and programming  but also, for checking numbers, letters and vocabulary to young children.

17 Oct 2015

Fall season, music and colleges

Click on the picture below and enjoy with the most beautiful colleges in fall.

16 Oct 2015

Autumn colours

There is a miraculous change in the color of the leaves every year in the fall season. They turn from green into brilliant shades of yellow, orange, red, and gold. Sometimes you can see several shades on the same leaf. But how these changes happen, and what is going on in the plant?
Read this explanation and you will understand!
Plants make their own food. They take water from the ground through their roots. They take a gas called carbon dioxide from the air. Then, they turn water and carbon dioxide into food using sunlight and something called chlorophyll. This one is green and it gives leaves their green color.

 Many plants stop making food in Autumn. Then, the chlorophyll goes away. Then, we can see different colours as orange, yellow, red, gold and also brown. When they are brown, it comes from wastes left in the leaves.
Watch the video!

14 Oct 2015

Autumn is here!

Hi everyone!
I love poems. I think they are a good way to read aloud and become confident with phonetics and rhyme.  
This is a good example:

12 Oct 2015

School lunches

This is an interesting video that reflects what children from all over the world eat at luch time.

11 Oct 2015


Rubrics appeal to teachers and students. 
They are powerful tools for both teaching and assessment. They improve student performance by making teachers' expectations clear and by showing students how to meet these expectations:
As a consequence, they provide an accurate feedback.
Here you have a generator of rubrics.
If you are interested in reading more about rubrics, check out this useful explanation

9 Oct 2015

Checking grammar

To have is an important verb in English. 
Here you have more information about it.

Time for activities: click on the picture below and write the correct answer. 
When you finish, correct by checking the exercises.


6 Oct 2015

What's going on?

Hi everyone! If you are a follower of this web, you know that in general, teachers always look to make our job better and improve things in and outside of the classroom. That's the reason because I try to be recycled with training courses. e-Twinning is the one I'm following nowadays. It makes me think about education, lesson plans, projects, apps, new technologies...among other issues that are changing our enviroment. They are in our lifes, so why don't we reinforce English with them? Looking on the bright side always seems to help make things better! So today I want to introduce an easy tool you can download in your device. It will allow very young children to learn vocabulary by themselves. This is the AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet app. It is a new way to interact and make flashcards more entertaining for children. You will find the link to the website by clicking on the monkey below.