25 Jan 2018

Nice quote

There are thousands of quotes and sayings about what to do when opportunity knocks. But this one doesn't talk about opportunity coming to knock at your door, or you knocking at opportunity's door. This quote is telling you that teachers open the door for students. So, the student must enter by him/herself!

24 Jan 2018

What is your Wonderland Name?

I was born on August 7th, so
my wonderland name is Rinton Wol-Vore.
This is a funny activity for WONDERLAND lovers! 
I am, what about you?

23 Jan 2018

Past simple game

Dear all,
this is a fun game to make students speak and revise the question form of past simple.
Rules of the game:
1)  Work in groups of 3.
2)  Each student thinks of 6 actions he/she did yesterday and writes them down in a paper.
3) In turns, roll the dice and read out the sentence that corresponds to the number it got.
Eg. I roll the dice and I get 1. I read out the first sentence in my paper.
4) The other two students in the group need to make up a suitable question for my answer.
5) The child who rolled the dice decides which question is the most suitable for his/her answer.
6) The child who guessed the correct question gets as many points as the spots on the face of the dice

13 Jan 2018

Playing with language

Hi there,
today I am going to talk about riddles, but do you know what are they?
Riddles are descriptions or questions with a hidden answer.
Students love guessing and language games.
Personally, I use them in my lessons because students have fun and they reinforce writing and reading.
However, introducing riddles with very young children is not always easy.
For that reason, I chose a book to introduce the language game.
After reading them and make children to guess the answers, I pushed them to design a riddle. However, as very young children don't have resources to write, I decided they could draw. Here you have the template.

In this way, they could create their own riddle. After that, we were guessing the asnwers by groups.

8 Jan 2018

Resolutions for 2018

Hi everyone.
We have just started the second term and some of you have told me your activities and celebrations a long these days. A part of that, you presented your fresh resolutions for the new year. Here you have them:
  • I will talk English during the English lessons.
  • I will visit the School English blog to refresh my English.
  • I will be kind and friendly to school mates.
  • I will be a faster runner.
  • I will eat more vegetables and fruit.
  • I will be a better dancer.
  • I will play fewer video games
  • I will clean up my room more often.
  • I will go earlier to bed.
  • I will help at home.

Personally, I want to improve myself and take deep breaths before pulling out my hair among others. What about yours? Write a commment and send me your resolutions for next year!

6 Jan 2018

The Three Wise Men Day

We celebrate this important day on January 6th.
As you know, the day before in the evening, there is an important parade where the three kings go in a procession giving sweets to children along the city.

Traditionally, in the days preceding The Three Wise Men Day, children write letters to the Kings requesting a toy or gift that they would like. On the night before children leave some food and drinks at home for Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar. Also they leave out their shoes so that the kings know how many people live in that house. When children wake up on the 6th in the morning, their gifts will appear near shoes or boots.
This date is important for everyone because everybody uses to have a present or gift.
After that, families meet together in a lunch in which the most important tradition is eating a “King’s Ring Cake”, a sweet bread shaped like a wreath, with candied fruit on top and a cardboard crown in the middle. When you eat that delicatessen, you can find two different surprises. If you find a king, you will be crowned!
but it you find a bean, the tradition says that this person will pay the cake.
Children also wear a crown at the table in honor of the kings.

By the way, this is the cake stuffed with marzipan I cooked at home. 

                                                                              The bean and the king are hidden into the marzipan

3 Jan 2018

Digital resources

Happy New Year everyone! New year, new projects, new resources and new updatings. I believe that teachers are students throughout our lives. Never stop, never give up. That's the reason of this post. I love sharing materials, worksheets and resources that I use in my lessons with all of you, a follower or a reader. Nowadays there are some educational issues that are quite different from the past. I mean, a part of lesson planning, teaching, management and knowledge among others, ICT keeps the students engaged. Because of this, I want to share the top 10 digital resources I used in 2017. As we live in a digital time, there would be more resources that they will be also useful, but the ones you will see in the blog linked in the pic below, are the ones I used last year and it is sure I am going to use them in this new year. Click on the pic below and start to use them. They are awesome!