29 May 2015

The greatness of nature!

Hi you all! 3rd graders were working on different landscapes last week and they learnt some English vocabulary. That made me think of a video, the one below. It contains some photos I took in 2012 when I had the opportunity to travel to Iceland: waterfalls, spurting geysers, glaciers, boiling pools, grasslands, lakes, rivers, plains, valleys, islands, the sea, rainbows...in other words, the greatness of nature! and also animals like ducks, puffins, seagulls, whales, seals, horses and sheeps among others. Take a peek and try to identify some of them ;D

28 May 2015

Let's play with friends

Hi you all!
1st graders are learning a new rhyme for their games. 
This is the one you have in the video below.
Enjoy it!

25 May 2015

Under the sea

Hi you all,
 1st graders are working on sea animals. 
From English we have planned to start with a story from Oxford University Press.  
 After that, we will learn "Slippery Fish" song by Charlotte Diamond. It's fun!

Teachers: Proud to say that I love this song. I really enjoy a lot when I teach and sign it with children. They love it too! Here you have the lyrics with some instructions if you want to teach it.

24 May 2015

The city

Hi 4th graders!
Here you have an exercise to practise how to give directions

22 May 2015

Check clothes vocabulary

Hi everyone!
 Click on the picture and practise English vocabulary connected with the Clothes topic.

21 May 2015

Memory game

Put your memory to the test and see how much you can remember correctly in the puzzle below. 
Be careful because there are singular and plural cards and they are not the same! 
Have a look and enjoy checking this body vocabulary:


Hi you all! 
Here you have some exercises to practise verbs. 
Click on the pic and do the activities the page proposes.

20 May 2015

A tongue twister for CM

Hi everyone!
Today we have to work on phonetics. 
So we will practise a fun tongue twister, but do you know what it is?
A tongue twister is a tricky rhyme or phrase with repetitive sounds that you have to say as fast as you can. 

As we are working on the different landscapes and we love the coast and the beach, here you have one that its meaning is very common in the summer.

19 May 2015

Opposites for 2nd graders

Hi 2nd graders! Let's check some adjectives with this amazing song.
Click on the picture and listen to it.

17 May 2015

An excellent page for everyone!

Hi everyone! 
I have just got an excellent idea. It came to my mind an amazing web for working songs. 
There, you can sing and fill in the gaps at the same time. 
This is the "lyricstraining.com". I recommend it highly!
As we have to practise "Let it go" for next Wednesday, here you have a great example.          Click on the image and you will bump the beginner level. 
Then, if you press on play, you will find some gaps where
You have to type the missing words in.
You can press the backspace button to listen to the last sentence again and type it correctly! 
If you have some problems with the spelling you can press the tab button and the word will be written by the computer.
If you want, try with a harder level. Good luck and enjoy this song.

12 May 2015

Octopus' Garden

Hi everyone!
It's really hot today!
I'd like to be under the sea, as this song says:
In a few days, 4thESO students from IES Pau Vila will tell you a story about pirates finding out ancient stories. 
We will hear the waves roaring and we will find out lots of surprises! 
The song above is one of them :D

6 May 2015


Hi 5th graders! 
We've got the very beginnings of the Castles Project so we have too many things to learn. First of all, have a go at our castle drawing:

Besides that, here you have the main vocabulary in this project. 
Try to study and review it a long this month.

Castles looked cool on the outside, but they were really cold and damp. The only heating was provided by fireplaces in each room and castles had to be lit by torches because they were very dark inside.
The main furniture in the great hall were wooden benches and large tables made by wood planks across other benches. At night, the table was taken down to make room for servants who slept on the floor.
If you want to find out more information about this topic, click here
Also, here you have some posters you can download 
Finally, here you have this presentation in order to make things easy and clear.
Mireia the teacher prepared that one for her practicum two years ago.
Thank you so much Mireia.

5 May 2015

Basic vocabulary for CI

Hi you all!
Today is 1st graders' turn. 
As they are working on animals, 
I present you a lovely video from Super Single Songs.
Families, enjoy learning English with your children while sharing a laugh!

4 May 2015

See inside the sea

Hi everyone! 
In a few days, 4thESO students from IES Pau Vila will tell you a story about pirates finding out ancient stories. We will hear  the waves roaring and we will reach the horizon. 
Besides that,  Neptune will help us to design a better sea. 
That means that we will work on pirates next days.
So, it's time to sail a little bit...
Close your eyes and feel how your heart beats.

3 May 2015

Let's role-play

Hi everyone!
This is a fun activity that help you to fix some structures.
Practise them alone or with your family.