6 May 2015


Hi 5th graders! 
We've got the very beginnings of the Castles Project so we have too many things to learn. First of all, have a go at our castle drawing:

Besides that, here you have the main vocabulary in this project. 
Try to study and review it a long this month.

Castles looked cool on the outside, but they were really cold and damp. The only heating was provided by fireplaces in each room and castles had to be lit by torches because they were very dark inside.
The main furniture in the great hall were wooden benches and large tables made by wood planks across other benches. At night, the table was taken down to make room for servants who slept on the floor.
If you want to find out more information about this topic, click here
Also, here you have some posters you can download 
Finally, here you have this presentation in order to make things easy and clear.
Mireia the teacher prepared that one for her practicum two years ago.
Thank you so much Mireia.

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