17 May 2015

An excellent page for everyone!

Hi everyone! 
I have just got an excellent idea. It came to my mind an amazing web for working songs. 
There, you can sing and fill in the gaps at the same time. 
This is the "lyricstraining.com". I recommend it highly!
As we have to practise "Let it go" for next Wednesday, here you have a great example.          Click on the image and you will bump the beginner level. 
Then, if you press on play, you will find some gaps where
You have to type the missing words in.
You can press the backspace button to listen to the last sentence again and type it correctly! 
If you have some problems with the spelling you can press the tab button and the word will be written by the computer.
If you want, try with a harder level. Good luck and enjoy this song.

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