27 Dec 2015

Are you ready for the Innocents' Day?

We will celebrate the Holy Innocents' Day tomorrow. Some people will play all kind of jokes and foolishness. However, the most famous tradition in our country says that you have to hang a "llufa" on the friends' and people's back. But, do you know how to make one? It's very easy, you need a newspaper and scissors.
First, take out a page from the newspaper and fold it as an acordion. Look at the picture:

Now, it's time to cut the "llufa".
Look at the pictures...and that's all! When you open the "acordion" you will have a "llufes"' chain. Now you can use it as you want: you can decorate your bedroom or you can cut the chain and you will obtain lots of "llufes".

Remember this tradition is in Spain because different countries around the world have a similar date on the 1st of April and they call it April Fools' Day.

23 Dec 2015

A nursery rhyme for these days

Hello everyone! 
This is a cute Nursery Rhyme for very young children.
Little Jack Horner is a naughty but a lovely boy  :))

22 Dec 2015

Welcome winter

Do you want 
to know what to do along the Christmas holidays?
Click on the pictures and find out different options for you and your family.

18 Dec 2015

British life and culture

A journalist is someone who investigates, collects or presents information. This can be presented through newspapeers, magazines, radio, television and the internet. Look at this video. It deeps into British life and culture.

When we talk about the written press in Britain there are some differences between a Tabloid and a Broadsheet, aren't they?
What do you think about having TV in the bedroom?

16 Dec 2015

Daily songs for very young children

The morning

Open your eyes,
shake your head,
look at the sun,
make the bed.
Drink your juice,
brush your teeth, 
go to school,
wave to me.

Rock, scissors, paper

The senses song

The food train chant


14 Dec 2015

Funny feelings

How to work feelings with children?
Let their imagination flies and listen to them when a picture appears. We will be surprised and proud of their learnings. Have fun looking at these pics and checking English with children.

13 Dec 2015

Christmas and digital age

Hi everyone! here you have a cool song for these days. Click on the pic and have fun listening to the song and fill in the gaps.

12 Dec 2015

It's Christmas time!

Hi everyone! Christmas is coming and we are ending the first term of this school year. Also, Christmas means that you have to study your poems for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so why don't you try to memorize this one at home? Here you have my assistand who will help you. After that, you will find an amazing Christmas song for these days. 

Now test your knowledge on how Christmas is celebrated around the world, using this interactive advent calendar.
No peeking before the correct day.

11 Dec 2015

Once upon a time...

Castellar del Vallès organizes the last Story Time in 2015.
If you are interested in this activity look at this link and have fun tomorrow morning with "Terrible Tommy-Tom Cat"

photo by JM.P. taken on December 12th. 

10 Dec 2015

A wish: become a follower

Following a blog shows readers and the authors that you are a fan. So, why don't you follow this blog? I checked the pageviewers and it has been very high along the last week. 

If you don't know how to do, here you have the steps you have to chase: go to the right and tap on "Join this site" button under the "Followers" widget (as the picture below shows). After that, you have to choose "google" and write down your mail and password. For ending, you have to tap on "follow this blog"
Thank you very much for your understanding!

9 Dec 2015

Listening skills for year 6

In this link you will find a conversation in a restaurant. When you finish the listening you will have to answer some questions.

In this one, you will listen to a telephone conversation about free time. And, as the other one, you will have some questions to answer.

8 Dec 2015

Practise listenings

Listen to the conversations after clicking on the pictures and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills. 

6 Dec 2015

New web for preeschoolers

Hi everyone, here you have a new web. Click on the picture and you will find different songs, games and rhymes to practise and review them with little kids. 
Have fun!