30 Apr 2012


Hi you all!
Sometimes you have problems when you want to add something in your writings. 
If you are a little forgetful, it's very common to commit spelling mistakes. But, don't worry!
Remember that a/an is different from AND
Here you have a very energetic video to explain this. Pay attention please! You won't forget it!

23 Apr 2012


Saint George is the patron saint of England and Catalonia, and Saint George's Day is England's and Catalonia’s national Day.
It has been a very special day, today. We have celebrated "Jocs Florals" and we have talked about the catalan legend. Here you have a short movie that explains this legend with cute pictures. 
After that, you can see some photos of 
Joanot Alisanda's "Jocs Florals" . 
Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

22 Apr 2012


We celebrate the Earth Day today !
What does it mean? It means that people around the world are becoming more and more conscious of the urgent need to reduce pollution and save the environment every day.
Earth Day is not just a celebration, it is a call for action! 
Then, here we go!
4th graders had three lessons on this topic last week and we established some categories in the school and some in the classroom to analyze our immediate environment.
Children concluded that there are lots of things we can do in the school and also at home. 
Here you have some of the main ideas they said:
  • To take shorter showers.
  • To turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth.
  • To turn the lights off when you are not using a room.
  • To walk or cycle more.
  • To take public transport.
  • To reduce plastic.
  • To reuse more.

By the way, I want to share with you this green memory game. I hope you like it!

17 Apr 2012


Children from kindergarten-3 (EI-5) are learning this Nursery Rhyme.
If you have the smart software in your computer, click on this hickory dickory link and your kids will play with the main character.
They can move it and do the actions when you sign the song.

Look at this lovely video from Super Simple Songs.
It's a little bit different from the traditional one, but it's very fun!

Enjoy your kid's learnings!

13 Apr 2012

It's just goodbye for now!

Martha Pace, from Buffalo University (USA), has finished her practicum in our school. She has been with us for five intensive school-weeks.
Children and I are a little sad because we're gonna to miss her a lot. We know "it's not goodbye for ever, it's just goodbye for now", as the song says.
She has to finish her university course in UAB but she's gonna to visit us in few days. So, goodbye Martha. We hope you have enjoyed a lot in our school.

11 Apr 2012

Can Elephants Jump?

Can Elephants Jump? Of course they can't...but they can walk!

Listen to this fun and energetic song.

Teachers, this is a very professional production and it's got a great tune!

Kids will love it!

9 Apr 2012


Hi you all!

I'm sitting on my sofa enjoying tea, and I just saw a cute little brown bunny hop by in my yard! I guess the Easter bunny is done for the year and he's hopping back home! ....
By the way, here you have some photos of my godchildren's "mones".

I'm sure you've had amazing ones!

See you tomorrooooow!

Try our video maker at Animoto.

1 Apr 2012


April fool's day is celebrated today in some countries. People use to play jokes on friends and to practice humor. Our equivalent day is the Holy Innocents' Day, in December.
Because of that, let's have fun with this short movie about penguins, ants and crabs. Enjoy it!