31 Jan 2017

How to Pronounce -ed

Hi there,
here you have a display and a useful web page for regular past tense pronunciation.
Hope it will be useful for you

29 Jan 2017

Nutrition activity

Digest Quest is a free, interactive, online game that guides 5th graders through the function and components of the digestive system. Students love the game's sound effects and cool graphics, which come together to create a fun and engaging learning experience. Click on the picture below and you will find a wonderful quiz game about the Digestive System. You will learn about it through 7 different levels. Enjoy it!

27 Jan 2017

A new blog for digital resources

Hi there,
next February 18th, I will introduce the audience at Pompeu Fabra University into the best resources I use right now.
Tap on the image below and you will visit the blog I created for my presentation.

25 Jan 2017

Amazing world!

Hi there,
this post is about a video that was
originally uploaded by the BBC on Dec 7th, 2011 on their youtube channel.
It encourages everyone to take care of our planet. If we defend nature, we are also defending life, and all living creatures in it, including us humans.
What do you think?

22 Jan 2017

Ideas for writing skills

Hi there,
writing is a difficult activity for primary students but it is a skill that they have to practise. But, how can we reinforce this skill  so that students feel that they are improving their structures?
First of all, I would recommend to give surprising topics to them. Here you have some ideas:
  1. Imagine that you become smaller as Alice in Wonderland's character. Now tell about what happen the day you become smaller. What do you do? Where do you go? Do you ask for some help? Start like this: The day I become smaller I want to be a .......because......
  2. Imagine your teacher surprises the class. Tell about what is the surprise and if you like it or not. Start like this: My teacher has a surprise for us. I can imagine what is that surprise....
  3. Write about a first day of school (it can be your very first day at the high school or it can be the first day of a particular year or it can be a fictional first day).Dive into the emotions you feel as well as what you think that year will be.
  4. You bump into a genie and it offers to grant you three wishes. What are your wishes and why?
  5. You are a little bug. What are you? What do you eat? Where do you live? What do you do?
Next, give some guides and examples to them so that they feel confident writing basic structures. Remind them to follow a basic structure: subject+verb+complements.

After that and when the teacher has corrected writings, encourage your students to read their compositions in front of a peer, group or audience. 

20 Jan 2017

Top Digital resources

Hi there,
here you have the 10 top digital resources I use in my English lessons nowadays.
Click on the pic below and start to use them. 
They are awesome!

19 Jan 2017

17 Jan 2017

Transition words

Hi everyone,
maybe this poster is useful for some of you.
Happy to share it through this blog.

15 Jan 2017


Hi there,
today I want to introduce some idioms.
I would say that they are a combination of words that have a "figurative meaning".  Here you have some of them related to body:
As a non-native speaker of English, the best way to understand them is to memorize their meanings.

14 Jan 2017

"Now is tomorrow"

Hi there,
Nowadays, Catalonia is pushing education towards new challenges. The Catalonian's "Consell Escolar" is diving into a deep reflection on the challenges to face the future of catalan education and it has organized five conferences to show what's going on and where education is going.
This morning, Viivi Lokk, from Tallinn's Educational Department, has introduced the audience into the Estonian educational system where children, from the very beginning, are involved in it so that every person is a lifelong learner. 
But, how do they do? These ideas are crucial for understanding the Estonian system. 
* Mentoring and coaching learners.
* The State gives a curricula but each school decides the concepts that they will work depending on need of its students. That is an important difference with Catalan system.

This morning (at Cosmocaixa,BCN)

So, those reflections have made me reaffirm on working through meaningful projects.

12 Jan 2017

City vocabulary

Hi everyone,
this is a ppt about our city or town.
It describes basic vocabulary to check with students.
Useful for English lessons!

8 Jan 2017

Coming back to school

A day before starting the second term, I have done many reflections about my job as a teacher. Each time I think about it I think that my job consists of building a rich environment that facilitates the kind of learning that will benefit my students. It is not to reproduce the lesson but to develop concepts, think critically, and apply and evaluate what they have learned, by providing opportunities and experiences that are relevant to such goals. Because of all of those reasons, I prefer to work through projects more than to have a book and follow the units without any motivation.
By the way, this is a popplet I created to summarize the advantages of working through learning environments. 
Good luck in your practice teaching!


Hi you all!
Today I want to talk about a programming language for children. I'm talking about Scratch. At the beginning, this language was designed  for teenagers but nowadays it is also used by people of all ages, including kindergarten children with their parents.
If this is your first time to get in contact with it, here you have the Getting Started guide to read how it works.
By the way, Mitch Resnick, an important computer scientist talks about it in this Ted talking. Very interesting to listen to him and to encourage us to teach children to code.

7 Jan 2017

Clothes matching game

What's the picture? Is it a t-shirt or a jumper? You have 20 seconds to beat the clock. The faster you guess the more you score. A really fun way to learn vocabulary!
Come on, click on the picture above and you will find a funny game.
Enjoy yourself reviewing and learning vocabulary!

5 Jan 2017

An important night today!

There will be parades in our town this evening to commemorate the arrival of the wise men. That means that tomorrow we will celebrate The Three Kings' Day! 
Traditionally, children receive gifts, brought by the three kings, Melchor, Gaspar and Balthazar. 
So... Are you excited? 
Watch this Christmas carol written by John Henry Hopkins, who wrote both the lyrics 
and the music. Through music you will learn interesting facts about this cool tradition.
By the way, catalonian and hispanic families will usually celebrate Three Kings' Day with a lunch that is topped off with the King's Bread for dessert. 
Children also wear a crown at the table in honor of the kings. Here you have my last king's special bread made at home. I have hidden a king toy and a dry bean. The tradition orders that the person who finds the king has to be crowded and the one who finds the bean will pay the king's dough the next year. ;D

4 Jan 2017


What is a simile?
A simile is when you compare two things.
  Lenka, the singer, has an amazing song for understanding it better. 
Its tittle is "Everything at once" that means "everything immediately".
After listening to it, here you have an activity for working the vocabulary. 
You have the lyrics of the song with some gaps. The exercise consists in filling the gaps with the vocabulary that is showed at the end.
  Note: some of the words are supported by pictures. 
Hope you find it useful.

Remember the structure: as+adj+as pattern
Do you thing of more similes?

2 Jan 2017

Non stop! Sharing with you.

Songs are a great way to learn English and Lyrics Training is a good way to learn through songs! 
You can choose from three levels and complete the text as you listen or just use it for karaoke - it's up to you! 
Click on the picture below and listen to "The greatest gift

Click on BEGINNER. 
You will find the lyrics with some gaps where you have to type the words that are missing.
You can press the BACKSPACE button to listen to the last sentence again 
and type it correctly !

Otherwise, If you want to jump the gap, press the TAP BUTTON.