31 Jan 2011


Hi everybody! Next Wednesday, on 9th of February, children from CI are going to enjoy with "Nano" a performance from Blue Mango Theatre.
Nano is the story of an alien who comes to Planet Earth to find out all about humans. He's fascinated by everything but doesn't understand how things work, or what they're called. Then, he meets Anna. This girl decides to teach him about her school day.
Nano decides to take Anna to Nanoland so she can see for herself how different things are. There she sees that everything is the other way round: "No" means "yes", "red" is "blue" and "blue" is "red". Can you imagine! What a mess!
This is one of the song we are going to remember and to sing.

29 Jan 2011

Make a better world!

On the 30th of January we celebrate the Peace’s Day.
There are some songs I could remember, but I want to suggest you “Heal the World”.
We should make our world better just remember we are the ones who are living in it! So think about it that way and thumbs up the song.
Ahhh! You can find another timeless song on 5th and 6th grade pages.

22 Jan 2011

Activities in the classroom

Here you have some activities during the english lessons

13 Jan 2011

All together NOW

The Beatles & Fela KutiAfroBeatles: FELA meets The Boys from Liverpool (The Black & White Album)

7 Jan 2011

The story about the tiny frogs.

There once was a bunch of tiny frogs who arranged a running competition.

The goal was to reach the top of a very high tower.

A big crowd had gathered around the tower to see the race and cheer on the contestants...

The race began...


No one in crowd really believed that the tiny frogs would reach the top of the tower.

You heard statements such as:

"Oh, WAY too difficult!!

They will NEVER make it to the top."


"Not a chance that they will succeed. The tower is too high!"

The tiny frogs began collapsing. One by one...except for those who in a fresh tempo were climbing higher and higher...

The crowd continued to yell

"It is too difficult!!! No one will make it!"

More tiny frogs got tired and gave up...but ONE continued higher and higher and higher...

This one wouldn't give up!

At the end everyone else had given up climbing the tower. Except for the one tiny frog who after a big effort was the only one who reached the top!

THEN all of the other tiny frogs naturally wanted to know how this one frog managed to do it?

A contestant asked the tiny frog how the one who succeeded had found the strength to reach the goal?

It turned out...

That the winner was DEAF!!!!

The wisdom of this story is:

Never listen to other people's tendencies to be negative or pessimistic because they take your most wonderful dreams and wishes away from you.

Think about the ones you have in your heart!

Always think of the power words have.

Because everything you hear and read will affect your actions!



And above all:

Be DEAF when people tell YOU that YOU can not fulfil YOUR dreams!

Always think: I can do this!

Pass this on to "tiny frogs" you care about.

Start LIVING !!!

"Life doesn't turn out the way we plan..."

"Sometimes things happen that are just out of your control..."

4 Jan 2011

Are you ready for the three wisemen day?

This special story is for children in CS. If you are one of them, pay attention on the text. The meaning is easy to understand. Don't worry if there are some words you don't know. The most important thing is to understand the main story.
I'm sure you are going to enjoy with music too. ^^