31 Oct 2011


In English-speaking countries, 31 October is the day children look forward to, with their costumes ready for their door-to-door trick -or-treating. But it's also very traditional to make a Jack-o'-lantern around this date.

To prepare your pumpkin, first clean and dry it. Cut a small circle around the stem and remove the top. Dig in and remove the seeds and soft flesh from inside the pumpkin, leaving a thick wall of flesh inside the skin. Scrape the inside until you have a firm and fairly smooth surface all round, and a flat base where you will stand a candle - one of those short fat candles is ideal. A large spoon is a good utensil to use inside a pumpkin. You are now ready to carve the face onto the pumpkin. Here you have some examples:

You need:
  • sliced white bread
  • slices of cheese
  • a toaster
Take two slices of bread and a slice of cheese for them to make a sandwich. Previosly cut out eyes and a mouth in one of the slices. Toast the sandwiches and eat them while still warm. Delicious!

23 Oct 2011


Hi everybody! Children from 3rd grade have been introduced into the english ABC. They have also thought about their names. But, have you ever thought about the letters we have in common? They have compared them and here you have an example of two particular ABCs.

Important: if you want to review the alphabet, you will go to the 3rd grade page on your left!

17 Oct 2011


How about reviewing the vocabulary that we are going to use in our recordings?

Click on the picture and play the 6 games.

16 Oct 2011


Hi children!

Let's review time with this funny activity.
Click on the picture and you will find an amazing clock!

Read the time given and stop the hands of the clock when they are in the correct position.

Can you tell me your score? Send me a missage with this text:
My score is.....

15 Oct 2011


Hi children! Let's play with words!
In each picture there's one that does not belong to that group.

Can you find them?

Wordle: BODYWordle: ONE-7

6 Oct 2011

My first e-book

Hi children, the other day we were speaking about new technologies. This is an e-book that I guess you're going to enjoy a lot. I hope you like it!

Myebook - 3rd grade's children as movie makers - click here to open my ebook