31 Oct 2011


In English-speaking countries, 31 October is the day children look forward to, with their costumes ready for their door-to-door trick -or-treating. But it's also very traditional to make a Jack-o'-lantern around this date.

To prepare your pumpkin, first clean and dry it. Cut a small circle around the stem and remove the top. Dig in and remove the seeds and soft flesh from inside the pumpkin, leaving a thick wall of flesh inside the skin. Scrape the inside until you have a firm and fairly smooth surface all round, and a flat base where you will stand a candle - one of those short fat candles is ideal. A large spoon is a good utensil to use inside a pumpkin. You are now ready to carve the face onto the pumpkin. Here you have some examples:

You need:
  • sliced white bread
  • slices of cheese
  • a toaster
Take two slices of bread and a slice of cheese for them to make a sandwich. Previosly cut out eyes and a mouth in one of the slices. Toast the sandwiches and eat them while still warm. Delicious!

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