27 Sep 2012

T-shirts everywhere!

Let's make children be aware of languages are everywhere: in the school of course, but also in the city and why not on clothes...so, let's wear a t-shirt with a message on it!
This is the way we celebrated the European Day of languages.
Here you have a movie showing  some t-shirts and the primary students who have participated.

We have understood their meaning and we have choosen our favourite t-shirt/writing. Besides that, we could realize not only to learn English is important , but also to learn more languages.

26 Sep 2012

European Day of Languages

Hi you all! It's been a very hard day, Today.  
We have enjoyed with different activities: European Countries, how to get to those Countries, european languages and also guessing some messages on your t-shirts!
 Some of them have funny writings ! Most of them in English, but we could find some in French, in Spanish, in Catalan, one in Irish and one in Deutsch
We are making a movie, so...Do NOT forget to take some time tomorrow to connect with this English bloc.
See you !

23 Sep 2012

Run towards new adventures

Hi you all! Next Wednesday will be September 26th, the European Day of Languages. We are preparing some activities for that day but, Today, let me show you a brief cartoon to promote foreign languages.

I have always been impressed by people that are able to become fluent in another language!
Homework for Wednesday: wear a t-shirt with a text on it. It doesn't matter the language!

21 Sep 2012

International Day of Peace

Hi everybody!
Today, September 21st is the International Day of Peace.
Although our school celebrates this important day on January 30th because Gandhi's death, today 1st graders have made a special craft in the classroom.They have written different wishes for living in a better world as, Peace, Smile, Love, No wars, No hunger, Care, Help... on their own paper-hand. We have used them as a Dove's tail and we have hung in the audiovisual room. After that, we could talk about this day and also about  this activity with the different students' groups.

Here you have some pictures of this activity.
I wish you a good weekend and a nice Autumn!

19 Sep 2012

Numbers for 4th graders

Hi you all! It's 4th graders' turn! This activiy is a  bit  difficult because you have to know how to spell the numbers. When you see a balloon with the correct letter, hit this one as it goes past. You must shoot the balloons in the right order! When you have spelt a number, you will get some more. Try it! It's fun.
Remember, you have three lives for each number!

Numbers for 3rd graders

Hi 3rd graders! It's time to review numbers. We have just started the school year and we have to fill our batteries on! So, try to do this activity about numbers. It's easy! Drag the numbers in order. Tomorrow morning we will practice in the classroom.

18 Sep 2012

Numbers for 1st graders

Hi 1st graders! Today these activities are specially for you. Let's remember numbers from 1-10 with Muzzy, the green monster.

After that, you have a funny activity where you have to click on "listen". After recognizing the number, choose the correct answer and click on it.

17 Sep 2012

Numbers for 2nd graders

Hi 2nd graders! Are you ready to learn by heart numbers from 11 to 20? 
I give you the opportunity to play in our English lessons, but you can do from home!
Tomorrow morning we will play in the school. Fun, isn't it? Click on Colin and ...

Also you can enjoy with English if you play this memory game:

12 Sep 2012


Hi you all! 
 School days are here. I know you are exciting about the new course. 
Don't worry, I 'm sure that everything is going to be all right.
How was your first day in the school? 
A long the day I could introduce myself to new students. 
Do you remember the structure we have to practice in these situations?
Here you have an energetic song that help you to remind what we have to say

8 Sep 2012

Clothes review

Hi 3rd graders! 
Do you want to check vocabulary before going to school?
Here you have these four activities. They work on clothes vocabulary. I'm sure you will enjoy with them.

Do you want to review more vocabulary? 
Then, here you two more activities for Days of the week!

6 Sep 2012

Olympic and paralympic sports

We've been watching the London Paralympic Games and feeling really inspired by the amazing athletes.
But, do you know that the closing ceremony of these Games will take place next Sunday, on September 9th?
 If you want to follow last news about it, click here!
By the way,  last school year we worked on Olympic Games project. 
So, this activity will be very easy for you.
Click on the picture below and have fun with this quiz about Olympic games.

5 Sep 2012

A listening for CI

Hi you all! 
Today it's CI graders' turn. 
Here you have an exercise to listen to. 
Try to pay attention carefully and click on the correct answer on the right of your screen! Good luck and have fun!

2 Sep 2012

Lyrics training

1 Sep 2012

September is here!

Hi you all!
September has already arrived and we have to turn our engines on another time! Ready?
Today I want to introduce you a funny song I've just discovered for very young learners. 
Don't worry if you are an adult. I like as well so, I invite everybody to follow this cute song. 

Ines, happy birthday to you! Let your dreams come true! Best wishes from Latvia! ;-)