30 Mar 2019

Diving into emotions&language learning

Hi there, another training course is over. This has been about emotions in the language acquisition process. The course made me to reinforce in the idea of PBL methodology because it promotes students' interest and engagement. I can say that emotions play a vital role in the learning process. Because of that, playing can be an excellent resource in our lessons. Here you have the new badge.


21 Mar 2019

Celebrating spring time with Thinglink

Hi there, spring is here and we can describe it with an easy tool: thinglink. Try it! An easy way to summary lessons."

20 Mar 2019

A new badge achieved!

Hi there, the post today is related to a NOOC INTEF badge that I achieved. It's related to the net and how we can teach children about security in it.

17 Mar 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hi there,
Ireland celebrates today an important celebration. Just if it is your interest, here you have a story that might help you to understand why Irish people celebrate this day.

15 Mar 2019

School strike for climate change

In August 2018, Greta Thunberg started a school strike for the climate outside the Swedish Parliament that has since spread all over the world. The movement is now called Fridays For Future and she has been named as one of the worlds most influential teens by Time magazine.

This is an interesting talk that Greta gave in TED talks, it was recorded at a TEDx event.

14 Mar 2019

IMPACT Project

Dear all, as you can see in the photos something is happening this week: it is being celebrated the 5th IMPACT Teacher Training Week in Deventer, The Netherlands. The weather is rainy and cold but the Catalan Team is always shining! 
                                                     Panorama Mesdag, The Hague
Anyway, I am involved in a European team called "Let's travel around Europe". We are going to write a cooperative story time with our kids in year 3. Just if it is your interest, here you have the blog where we will upload all of our materials.

8 Mar 2019


I want to recommend a book today. That is Mrs. White Rabbit, written and illustrated by Gilles Bachelet. It's a funny book where Mrs. White rabbit loves her husband and their children, but living in Wonderland comes with a number of challenges. In addition, Alice usually visits her and there are endless tasks and chores that disturb her. Her husband never notices, and never collaborates with the housework. Because of these reasons, she wishes a cooperative and lovely husband much more the one she has. Luckily, she writes a diary and she forgets it lying around, moment in which her husband can read it and design a sweet end. Worthy to read it!

5 Mar 2019

Ready for an interesting oral activity

Hi there,
Women Day is coming and I am interested in talking to children about household chores before March 8th.
First of all, I prepared a presentation with some chores vocabulary just to refresh and to remember some basic vocabulary.
After that, I will ask students the meaning of chores. If they don't answer, I will describe them as routine tasks that are often done around home. 
Many people find chores unpleasant or boring and they are averse to do them.  When chores are divided among many people, they can be accomplished much faster.
The presentation below will help us to understand better some of the chores.

After talking about the main chores, we will be ready to introduce a conversation about them:
Who does the most chores at home?
What chores do you dislike the most?
Do you have to do chores as a routine?
Which ones are you assigned?
Both men's and women's chores should be shared fairly. Do you agree? Why?

4 Mar 2019

Close the dream gap!

From this post, I want to thank Barbie for inspiring and encouraging the new generations with this awesome project: THE DREAM GAP! 
Many girls begin to develop self limits when they are kids and they stop believing that their gender can do or be anything. This is the dream gap in which Barbie has developed a short movie sharing many girls' dreams.