31 Jan 2014

Super Sue

Hi families! Joanot Alisanda School will participate in the English Week next days. It means that CI graders will go to Casal Pere IV next Wednesday. We have worked on the recycling topic at school because this is the main one in the Super Sue Performance by Blue Mango Theatre. Here you have a summary...

30 Jan 2014

Peace Day

We celebrate the Peace’s Day Today.
There are some songs I could remember, but I want to suggest you “Heal the World”. 
It's a song from Michael Jackson's hit album, Dangerous.
We should make our world better just remember we are the ones who are living in it! 
So think about it that way and thumbs up the song!
Just in case you work this song in the classroom, here you have some activities for year 5/ 6.

29 Jan 2014

Recycling for Very young children

Hi you all! 
All of us are worried because we have to take care of our planet, the Earth. 
What can we do? We normally recycle at school and also at home. 
Well done!
But... Do you know how to classify trash?
Check it out with this fun game!

28 Jan 2014

Billy Banjo

Hi you all! 
CM graders and some teachers went to Casal Pere IV today. We could enjoy with the new show of IPA Productions, Billy Banjo! 
Here you have some of the pics we took during the show.

27 Jan 2014

Numbers for Year 1

Check numbers from 1 to 10 with this easy activity.
You can review colours, too.

                                                        Numbers from Inès Rosado

26 Jan 2014

Ready for the School Day 2014

Hi you all!
As you know,  we will celebrate the School Day next Monday 27th and all your families will visit the school. We'll share some of the activities we did around The Little Prince. Here you have a summary of them.

23 Jan 2014

Names everywhere

3rd graders are working hard about what's in their hearts before diping into their names.
Here you have their productions in the art and craft lessons.
But, what are their names?
Here you have them:

 Group A
 Wordle: Names3rA 
Group B
 Wordle: 3rB 
Group C
Wordle: 3r C
Do you know why your parents chose your name? 
Find it out!

22 Jan 2014

Identity project

"Identity through names" is a project in which 3rd graders are going to work along next weeks.
Beyond the names there will be a description of each of us because they say a lot about who we are too. After introducing the alphabet in the first term and growing up in basic vocabulary, we are ready to work about our names.
This project is planned and managed by two schools, one from Czech Republic and the other from Catalonia, Joanot Alisanda School! 
If you click on the pic you will see the web where you will find our productions about identity. Both schools share the same web.
European Project

17 Jan 2014

Little Prince Workshops finished!

Hi you all!
Here you have some pics of different moments along the week at our school.
Congratulations for your work and effort!
We could make crafts, we knew some values in the story, we produced a song, we played games, we watched the Petit Bombay Cia's performance, we chose our favourite bookmark and we started to draw the main character on one of the pillars of our school.
The week was amazing, wasn't it?
Enjoy your weekend and see you next Monday.

16 Jan 2014

LP puppets at school

Hi everyone!
Antoine visited our school. He introduced us into the Little Prince Story by using lovely puppets.
Click on the pic below and you will see more photos from that lovely performance.
Thanks Antoine, you were fantastic!

12 Jan 2014

"Little Prince" turns 70

Little Prince's Story is a beautiful book about love, pride and the wisdom of never really growing up. 
There are lots of activities to celebrate the book's 70th anniversary all over the world but, as a primary school we decided to work about that famous story in all the grades.
So, next week all the school lessons will be stopped and students and teachers will be grouped in different workshops to study different aspects in the LP story. 
To start with, I introduce you into a short presentation of some main characters in "The Little Prince" and a nice song.
I hope you like them.

9 Jan 2014

Happy Birthday!

 Do you know January 10th is Tintin's Birthday? 

The amazing young reporter appeared for the first time in 1929, together with his lovely dog Snowy.
I want to celebrate his anniversary bringing to our minds some of the most famous characters in Tintin's adventures.
Most of the pictures are from a calendar I've got at home!
Happy 85th Birthday, Tintin. You are always in our hearts!

7 Jan 2014

Second term is here!

Alphabet for 3rd graders

Hi you all!
Are you ready to come back to school?
2nd term is here and we have to work hard.
We have to follow up with our school tasks!
So...here you have an alphabet, but this time it's about food. 
You can learn new words if you guess the vocabulary for each letter.
Try it, it's fun and easy!

 A, apple
B, broccoli

 By the way, here you have this song from Super Simple Learning about food.It's amazing and it will help you to check some English structures.

4 Jan 2014

The Three Wise Men

January 6th is Three kings Day. 
Traditionally, children receive gifts on this day, brought by the three kings, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar.
So... Are you excited? 
We will enjoy the procession tomorrow evening. 
Watch this Christmas carol written by John Henry Hopkins, who wrote both the lyrics 
and the music. 
By the way, catalonian and hispanic families will usually celebrate Three Kings Day with a scrumptious dinner that is topped off with the King's Bread for dessert. 
Children also wear a crown at the table in honor of the kings. Here you have my last king's special bread made at home last year.

1 Jan 2014

Make a wish !

Click on the pic below and discover the surprise for the New Year. 
Best Wishes!