31 Dec 2016

Bye-bye 2016

The end of the year brings many things like changing seasons, holidays, and reflection on events that occurred during the year. 
It has been a busy year but when the work involves helping our students, families and friends, it isn't tiring but instead energizing. That's why now, when almost whole world is preparing for upcoming New Year celebrations, I want to say thank you for your support and wish you all much happiness and good health!


30 Dec 2016

Classroom games

Hi everyone, I have just found some activities for promoting cooperative attitudes in the classroom.
They will allow to work together and make decisions based on communication and collaboration.
Click on the pic below. Worth to read it.

Christmas and Peppa Pig

This is an episode about Peppa Pig at Christmas time. 
Although some people say that Peppa is not a good example for very young children, this is only a chapter for this time of the year.
Worthy to share with family.

29 Dec 2016

Resolutions for 2017

What resolutions did my students make to ring in the new year? Here you have some fresh and unique resolutions from kids. After learning a poem about resolutions, students knew that they can be tough but also they can be very simple. At the end of the term, students decided these ones:
  • I will talk English during the English lessons.
  • I will visit the School English blog to refresh my English.
  • I will follow rules at home for video games and internet use.
  • I will be kind and friendly to school mates.
  • I will be a faster runner.
  • I will eat more vegetables and fruit.
  • I will be a better dancer.
  • I will play fewer video games
  • I will clean up my room more often.
  • I will go earlier to bed.
  • I will help at home.

Personally, I want to spend more time with my family. Furthermore, I will improve myself and I will take deep breaths before pulling out my hair among others. What about yours? Write a commment and send me your resolutions for next year!

28 Dec 2016

Innocent's Day

We will celebrate the Holy Innocents' Day today. Some people play all kind of jokes and foolishness. However, the most famous tradition in our country says that you have to hang a "llufa" on the friends' and people's back. But, do you know how to make one? It's very easy, you need a newspaper and scissors.
First, take out a page from the newspaper and fold it as an acordion. Look at the picture:

Now, it's time to cut the "llufa".
Look at the pictures...and that's all! When you open the "acordion" you will have a "llufes"' chain. Now you can use it as you want: you can decorate your bedroom or you can cut the chain and you will obtain lots of "llufes".

Remember this tradition is in Spain because different countries around the world have a similar date on the 1st of April and they call it April Fools' Day.

27 Dec 2016

Fold me up!

Hi everyone!
Here you have a surprise for these holidays:
the instructions about how to make a fortune teller.

The steps are as it follows:
  1. Fold the paper into fourths
  2. Unfold the paper
  3. Fold over the four corners, into the middle.
  4. Fold into fourths again
  5. Flip over the paper
  6. Fold over the corners on the new side of the paper
  7. Fold into fourths one last time
  8. Fit your fingers into the slits and open.

24 Dec 2016

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is all about love, family and children. 
It doesn't matter what we eat or what presents we get as long as the holidays are spent with loved ones. 
Hope you get all that you wish for. 
Have happy days!

23 Dec 2016

Free technology

Word hippo is a free and nice tool that students who have English as a foreign language can use easily to find definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and translations for words. 
The web also provides students with pronunciation assistance. 
Have a look by tapping on the pic.

19 Dec 2016

A present for You

Hi everyone! 
Click on the pic and you will find a free Christmas activity to work with your young students.

18 Dec 2016

Running for solidarity

The Autonomous University of Bellaterra collaborates with the tv3 marathon again. We have joined one more time. This year the marathon is dedicated to fight against neurodegenerative diseases. 

16 Dec 2016

Interactive book

The book below is an interactive one. 
It contains lots of activities: listenings, matching pictures and readings among others.
Have a look by clicking on the cover.

15 Dec 2016

Christmas poems for this time of the year

Hi you all!
It's time to work phonetics and Christmas vocabulary with our students. I selected some poems to work with kids. They have fun and also they feel proud of themselves because they improve pronuntiation through poems. Little by little, they understand them better and they become confident with English. These are two examples for this year:


I have to add that we have lots of resources to give a model to children. To use voki characters can be fun for kids. Here you have an example.

6 Dec 2016

To share with children

Hi everyone, today I want to share "Mouse for sale" with all of you.
The main character is a lovely mouse who lives in a cage of a petshop waiting for someone who wants to buy it, but he's got huge ears and everyone laughs at it.

The video below is the animated short that Wouter Bongaerts made for his graduation in 2012. It took him a year to make it! And he made his best production along his degree. 
 Watch the short with your students and/or your kids and family and enjoy it.
So charming and lovely story!
and remember...don't judge a book by its cover ;D

1 Dec 2016

It's Christmas time!

 Today is the first day of December, an important month in the year.
It means that Christmas is coming and 
we can listen to some Christmas Carols around us. 
This blog wants to feel this special time with all of you by sharing this funny song:

Now, test your knowledge on how Christmas is celebrated around the world, using this interactive advent calendar.
No peeking before the correct day.