29 Dec 2016

Resolutions for 2017

What resolutions did my students make to ring in the new year? Here you have some fresh and unique resolutions from kids. After learning a poem about resolutions, students knew that they can be tough but also they can be very simple. At the end of the term, students decided these ones:
  • I will talk English during the English lessons.
  • I will visit the School English blog to refresh my English.
  • I will follow rules at home for video games and internet use.
  • I will be kind and friendly to school mates.
  • I will be a faster runner.
  • I will eat more vegetables and fruit.
  • I will be a better dancer.
  • I will play fewer video games
  • I will clean up my room more often.
  • I will go earlier to bed.
  • I will help at home.

Personally, I want to spend more time with my family. Furthermore, I will improve myself and I will take deep breaths before pulling out my hair among others. What about yours? Write a commment and send me your resolutions for next year!

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