31 Oct 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone,
It's Halloween time !
Click on the picture below and you will find lots of games and activities about this celebration.

30 Oct 2014

Halloween/castanyada time

The leaves have changed into their fall colors and the breeze is in the air. Halloween is right around the corner and it's time for "castanyada" too. Today we have a special celebration at school. Most of families have brought chestnuts and delicious cakes to school and 6th graders have prepared lots of games for the rest of students at school. So you are probably exciting and waiting for the afternoon. 

Nevertheless, remember that we are working on the Halloween theme. Never fear because there is still a lot of funny activities we will do in our English lessons.
Well here there are two of them: a song that was written and performed by A.J.Jenkins and the Halloween chants.

 Video by KidsTV123.

and here you have the Halloween Chants!

29 Oct 2014

Science and Halloween

Here you have an easy sandwich to make for this special day!

You need:
  • sliced white bread
  • slices of cheese
  • a toaster
Take two slices of bread and a slice of cheese for them to make a sandwich. Previosly cut out eyes and a mouth in one of the slices. Toast the sandwiches and eat them while still warm. Delicious!

Before we move...let's review prepositions

3rd graders have studied a list of commonly used prepositions  Prepositions are used in a sentence to show location such as in front of, next to, behind, or under.Tomorrow we will do a cut-and-paste activity that will work on spatial concepts and has a Halloween theme.  You will also ask "where" questions after completing the activity.

A cute song for 1st graders

Thank you to kidsTV123

28 Oct 2014

Trick or treat?

That is the tradition for Halloween.
If you watch the video below you will understand how the tradition works.

Prepositions for CM

Hi children!
This is a very simple picture to remember the prepositions of place. If you click on the image, you'll go to an interactive exercise to practice them.
I hope it is useful!



25 Oct 2014

The Water Cycle

4th graders have to study the Water Cycle for next week. So here you have a resource that will remember you the most important facts in the Water Cycle. Click on the picture and you will start exploring all the facts you learnt in the English lessons.

Ready for Halloween?

Hi everyone!
Next week will be a busy one. Remember we have the traditional celebration at school next Thursday afternoon. Don't miss it.
On the other hand, next Friday night a lot of families all over the world will celebrate Halloween.
So, next week we will do different activities for living a little bit that famous celebration in the English lessons.
By the way, here you have lots of songs about Halloween. They are fantastic. 
Thank you Super Simple Songs for sharing them!

24 Oct 2014

Class names

This school year brings stars and wolves to 1st grade

1stA group, THE STARS 
 What is a star? 
When did the first stars form? 
What are stars made of? 
 What are the different kinds of stars?
1stB group, THE WOLVES: 
Enya is a famous singer. She's got a song called Crying Wolf! 
Here you have the video with
 wonderful wolves pictures. They are awesome!

23 Oct 2014

Basic vocabulary for 3rd graders

Hi everyone!
3rd graders are learning the English alphabet. Among different activities I want to show you some poems they wrote playing with their names. The presentation below show you a summary of them because they worked individually and thought about a thing they liked. I tried to copy what they described.


Peppa Pig and the stars

1stA group has a new name: "The Stars"
Children and me have been talking about them. Children were astonished about what a star is (if you want more information, look at 1st group page on your left of the screen)
Fortunately we found this short movie about Peppa Pig and we enjoyed a lot. Thanks Peppa for being so cute!

22 Oct 2014

Red Riding Hood and Peppa Pig

Hi everyone! 
1stB group has a new name: "The Wolves group"
For that reason we have read the Little Red Riding Hood story today.
We have practiced some structures that the wolf repeats as
Peppa Pig does in this short episode.
Enjoy it!

21 Oct 2014

Why do some leaves change their color in Autumn?

Every Autumn in all the forests of the world, there is a miraculous change in the color of the leaves. They turn from green into brilliant shades of yellow, orange, red, and gold. Sometimes you can see several shades on the same leaf. But why are these color changes happening, and what is going on in the plant?
Read this explanation and you will understand!
Plants make their own food. They take water from the ground through their roots. They take a gas called carbon dioxide from the air. They turn water and carbon dioxide into food using sunlight and something called chlorophyll. This one is green. It gives leaves their green color.

Winter days are short and dry. Many plants stop making food in Autumn. Then, the chlorophyll goes away. Then we can see different colours as orange, yellow, red, gold and also brown. When they are brown, it comes from wastes left in the leaves.
Watch the video!

Let's have fun with the English Alphabet

Let's check the ABC. Click on the picture below and then on each letter. You will listen to the sound and some examples.

                               Now click here and follow the instructions.

16 Oct 2014

The Voice of European Teacher'S

Hi everyone!
As you know, Joanot Alisanda is  in The Voices of European Teacher's Comenius network. For your information, from 16thOctober to 19th your English Teacher will share the "Identity through names" project with teachers from different 10 Universities.
This will happen in Derby, England. 
If you don't remember the project or if you want to find out more about it, visit this blog

However, here you have a summary about some of the activities we realized when we were searching in names.

15 Oct 2014

Colors in Autumn

Click on the picture and choose the correct answer. When you finish, click on "next" and enjoy with the rest of the activities.  
Have fun!
Plants use sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose. 
Oxygen is a gas in the air that we need to breathe.

13 Oct 2014


Listen to this song and you will understand the prepositions you studied in our English lessons better.

12 Oct 2014

Do you pay attention?

Hi children! Let's play with words!
 In each picture there's one that does not belong to that group.
Can you find them?

Wordle: ONE-7Wordle: BODY

11 Oct 2014

Poor orange!

Rhyming words help children remember words more easily.
Rhyme also helps them learn about language.
Think about these couples and discover the rhyming words.
If you want you can send me a comment with your answers.
Come on! 
I'm waiting for them ;D

7 Oct 2014


Hi students! Let's introduce shapes in English. Practice questions and answers. After that, we will do a Picture Dictation in the next English lesson.

6 Oct 2014

Autumn poems

If you click on the pic below you will listen to the Autumn poems we learnt in the English lessons. Be patient, just take your time and repeat with me. 


3 Oct 2014

Let's find out about penguins

Do penguins fly?... and most importantly, can someone bring proof that they do?


  1. Where in the world is this story set? How do you know?  
  2. Can you find out why penguins can't fly?
  3. If penguins really could fly, how would their lives be different?
  4. Let's list some clothing that people wear to keep warm.

2 Oct 2014

Months of the Year

Hi you all!
4th graders are checking some basic vocabulary.
Because of that, here you have a song which help them to refresh the 12 months of the year.